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Anurag Tumar Babe Dikshu Mp3 11

Anurag Tumar Babe - A Song by Dikshu

Anurag Tumar Babe is a song by Dikshu, a popular singer and composer from Assam, India. The song is from his album Anurag, which was released in 2020. The song is a romantic melody that expresses the love and longing of a man for his beloved. The song is sung in Assamese, a language spoken in the northeastern region of India.


The song has been well-received by the listeners and has garnered over 2 million views on YouTube. The song is also available on Spotify , where it has been streamed over 100 thousand times. The song has been praised for its soothing music, catchy lyrics, and Dikshu's soulful voice.

The lyrics of the song are written by Rajdweep, a renowned lyricist and screenwriter from Assam. He has also written the lyrics for many other songs by Dikshu, such as Moromor Anurag, Jibonore Premot, and Nixate. Rajdweep has also won several awards for his work in the Assamese film industry.

The music of the song is composed by Poran Borkotoky, who is also known as Jojo. He is a versatile musician and producer who has worked with many artists from Assam and other parts of India. He has also composed the music for several films and web series.

Anurag Tumar Babe is a song that showcases the talent and creativity of Dikshu and his team. It is a song that touches the hearts of the listeners with its beautiful melody and lyrics. It is a song that celebrates the power and beauty of love.


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