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[S6E4] Demons

In the present day, Sam and Dean are in Wisconsin on the trail of a monster that cracks open the bodies of its victims. It leaves a large black claw in the chest cavity of the latest victim, and they call Bobby for help. Even though Bobby says that he's busy, he spends hours researching, going so far as to break into a University library to find a book that he needs. It's early morning the next day when he calls Dean to tell him that they're hunting a lamia. Usually only found in Greece, a lamia "juices hearts and chugs the blood." He tells them it can be killed by a silver knife blessed by a priest. After he's off the phone, Bobby goes down to his basement, where he has a crossroads demon tied up and caught in a devil's trap. He wants to know Crowley's true name - the name he had as a human before he died and became a demon in Hell - so he tortures the demon by using a blowtorch to singe its bones. Finally, she admits that Crowley, who is now the King of Hell, was a Scottish man named Fergus MacLeod in life. The other demons call him "Lucky the Leprechaun" behind his back. Once Bobby has the information he needs, he burns the demon's bones, killing it and its host.

[S6E4] Demons

Later, Bobby summons Crowley, who appears within a Devil's Trap. Crowley is unimpressed, and admits that rulership of Hell isn't all it's cracked up to be. The demons don't want a better way, and Crowley admits that Lucifer's plan to destroy the demons might have been a good idea. He then tells Bobby he won't be getting his soul back, and Bobby summons Gavin. Crowley briefly fakes grief, but then tells Bobby that he hates Gavin and Bobby is welcome to torture him. In response, Bobby explains that he used the ghost to get dirt on Crowley, and that Gavin was glad to oblige. Gavin says that he told Bobby everything and disappears, and Bobby says that he knows where Crowley's human corpse is buried. He tosses Crowley a cell phone: Dean is on the other end, and tells him that he and Sam are in Scotland at the graveyard where Crowley's body is buried. They've dug up his bones, and are ready to burn them if Crowley doesn't return Bobby's soul, and the continued use of his legs. Crowley has no choice but to agree, and then teleports to Scotland to collect his bones. Dean considers burning them anyway, but Sam intervenes. Crowley tells them to get bent and leaves with his bones.

Now that Echo has opened up about her past, I hope this signals the start of her dealing with some of her present demons. First and foremost: the fact that she maybe-possibly (if we are to take anything away from the psychosis episode) has a soldier complex that diminishes her own self-worth and creates an unhealthy balance of power in her relationship with Bellamy.

Buzzfeed Unsolved: Supernatural follows two young ghost hunters, the ghoul boys Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej, as they research unsolved mysteries and journey to haunted locations. The set up is simple but incredibly effective. Ryan completely and utterly believes that ghosts and demons exist and wants to prove that despite his fear, and Shane doesn't buy any of it. 041b061a72


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