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Fuck You You Kucking Fuck Shirt \/\/FREE\\\\


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Speaking of smart shit, Tool is known for making innovative, cerebral, and challenging music. So how the fuck did they get the same fan base as truck nuts, rap-metal, and NASCAR Perhaps "Prison Sex" causes nostalgia to boil in the loins of these mullet heads, longing for more hot nights in the joint with Goatlard and T-Mack.

I have tried to tell my friends that using the F word and all the other words that I may create in a fit of anger is not really appreciated by males or significant others. Is there something about swearing that is considered to be an acceptable men only function I personally think that I can emphasize my anger without swearing but somehow using words that are considered to be bad words somehow adds oomph to the sentiments being expressed. Am I fucking right or am I fucking right are you stufuckingpid or what I usually feel less than after doing this but what the f_ _ k

So the other day at being yelled at by my kid and husband I said there comes a time when you stick enough knives in a back tht you have to stick one in the front out of mercy, I mean who would scream at me in A Water Is Wide, Sarah Jewel Indigo song, and who would scream Fuck you in her mother's face and then come home with a Johnny Cash shirt, I'm sorry I don't like Johnny Cash anymore I tolerate James Morrison a bit better, Shit, I who have no clothes have only my dreams, and a headache, broken heart and believe me a lot of people have killed themselves for less, not so stupid crazy love, faithful wife, maybe leave my head alone, it's already aching, burnt onion thai and all, abuse and suicide are worse evils than money, although caused sometimes by it, we could all think like we're in a commune, not take each other's lives, contribute to the whole, teach music Schneebly, ironic how Die, meaning to die, to cause death, she died, he died, they die, means Gimme in Russian, yeah sure you fucking sappers of my identity, my emotions, my soul, my freedom, my family, my healthcare, my marriage and now my daughter, whaterver you want, take everything I have and more, for you take my life, I would have given it whole for you to mold as you wished, now it's gone, so f ing sorry, #Depression #Lonliness #Abuse #Suicide #Greed #Loss #Grief 1e1e36bf2d


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