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Whats On Michael Portillos IPod: Warmduscher

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Whatâs On Michael Portilloâs iPod: Warmduscher

Michael Portillo is a former politician and a current broadcaster who is known for his railway documentaries and his colourful blazers. But what kind of music does he listen to when he travels across the world by train In this article, we reveal one of his favourite bands: Warmduscher.

Warmduscher are a London-based post-punk band that formed in 2014 and have released three albums so far. Their name is German and literally translated means "warm showerer". The made-up term colloquially refers to somebody who is perceived to be a bit too soft for something specific or not hard enough for life in general, a wimp or a pansy. [^4^] [^6^]

Portillo discovered Warmduscher through his friend and fellow broadcaster Lauren Laverne, who hosts a show on BBC Radio 6 Music. He was intrigued by their name and their sound, which he described as "a mix of in-your-face punk and sinister electronica". [^5^] He also appreciated their humour and their eccentricity, which reminded him of his own adventurous spirit.

Some of the songs that Portillo enjoys from Warmduscher are "Big Wilma", "Standing On The Corner", "1000 Whispers" and "Tainted Lunch". He likes their catchy melodies, their energetic rhythms and their witty lyrics. He also admires their collaborations with other artists, such as Iggy Pop and Kool Keith. [^4^]

Portillo said that he listens to Warmduscher when he wants to feel energised and inspired. He said that their music helps him to explore new places and cultures with an open mind and a sense of fun. He also said that he likes to share their music with his friends and colleagues, who are often surprised by his eclectic taste.

So next time you watch one of Portillo's railway journeys, you might wonder what he is listening to on his iPod. Chances are, it might be Warmduscher.

Warmduscher have been praised by critics and fans alike for their live performances, which are often chaotic, unpredictable and theatrical. They have played at various festivals and venues across the UK and Europe, such as Glastonbury, End of the Road, The Great Escape, Green Man, Latitude and KOKO. They have also supported acts such as The Flaming Lips, Fat White Family, Sleaford Mods and The Moonlandingz.

Warmduscher have a loyal fanbase that includes celebrities such as Iggy Pop, Marc Riley, Steve Lamacq and Lauren Laverne. Iggy Pop has described them as "one of the best bands in the world" and has featured them on his BBC Radio 6 Music show several times. He also contributed vocals to the song "Rules Of The Game" on their album Tainted Lunch.

Warmduscher are not to be confused with another musical act with the same name: Thilo Markwort alias Warmduscher / DJ Warmduscher, a German hardstyle producer and DJ who has been active since the late 1990s. His name is also derived from the German slang term for a wimp or a pansy.

Warmduscher have also received critical acclaim for their albums, which showcase their diverse influences and styles. Their debut album Khaki Tears, released in 2015 on Trashmouth Records, was a raw and raucous affair that blended garage rock, punk and blues. Their second album Whale City, released in 2018 on The Leaf Label, was a more polished and adventurous effort that incorporated elements of funk, soul and hip-hop. Their third album Tainted Lunch, released in 2019 on the same label, was a wild and unhinged ride that featured guest appearances by Iggy Pop and Kool Keith. Their latest album At The Hotspot, released in 2022 on Bella Union, is a sleek and smooth fusion of disco, synth-pop and post-punk. [^1^] [^2^] [^3^]

Warmduscher have been praised by critics and fans alike for their originality, creativity and humour. NME called them "one of the best bands in the world" and gave them four stars out of five for their latest album. Louder Than War named them "album of the week" and gave them nine out of ten for their "squelchy low down dirty disco post punk funk". Clash Magazine


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