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Secrets D'adolescentes Subtitle English Download

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1. Load up your existing save data (A backup may be helpful).2. Delete (or rename to the original name) the expansion The Sims 3: Into The Future (or any other real expansion such as The Sims 4. Delete the [The Sims 4].zip file as well as the [The Sims 4].sims3packs installer).3. Install the most recent original base game (The Sims 3 BASE GAME and make sure the path ends with.ts3info, in case you want to change this later).4. Install the expansion without any problems.5. Open the Sims3app folder and find the Sims3BIGBIN folder.6. Open the Sims3BIGBIN folder and find the pconfig folder.7. Open the pconfig folder and find the sims.conf file.8. Open the sims.conf file and find the uid folder.9. Rename the uid folder to uid_backup and save it.10. Open the uid folder again then open the mins.conf file and find the active_users in the list section.13. Click on the Remove button next to the list and 10 seconds later, you have one fewer active user.14. Repeat Step 5-12 until you have no active users left.15. Your Sims3 BASE GAME and original expansions should work. If it doesn't, simply change the uid UserID in your sims.conf file to the correct one. Now make sure you open TS3 and then repair. (Do not open The Sims 4 directly unless you have the original base game)16. You have successfully restored your pre-existing save! You can no longer receive The Sims 4 or any of the other expansions. If you wish to do this, simply uninstall The Sims 4 and any other expansions, then backup your store and expansions. Install the base game and crack again. d2c66b5586


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