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How to Create Reliable MSI Packages with Advanced Installer 15.5

Advanced Installer is a Windows Installer authoring tool that enables developers and system administrators to easily build reliable MSI packages that meet the latest Microsoft Windows logo certification requirements and follow the recommended Windows Installer best practices. Advanced Installer 15.5 is a maintenance release that delivers some bug fixes and improvements, such as:

Repackager does not capture installer resources

Cannot sign an AppX package with SignTool

Controls that support Text Style and Column Specifiers are not properly populated at install time

Advanced Installer 15.5 has a user-friendly, completely GUI-driven interface, with no scripts to learn, no databases to edit and no XML to write. You can develop with wizards, import existing IDE projects, integrate into automated build tools and source control systems, and use hundreds of powerful features ready to use with just a few mouse clicks. You can also customize your installers with text and graphics, add license and serial numbers, create user accounts and groups, specify installation and uninstallation folders and shortcuts, add password protection, install, configure, optimize and test .NET applications, and much more.

Advanced Installer 15.5 is released under a very flexible licensing model. The core application is 100% free to use for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. You can also choose from different editions that offer additional features, such as Professional, For Java, Enterprise, and Architect. You can download Advanced Installer 15.5 from its official website[^1^] or from other reputable sources[^2^] [^3^] [^4^]. You can also watch video tutorials on its YouTube channel or read the documentation on its website.

If you are looking for a powerful and easy-to-use tool for creating software installers for Windows, you should give Advanced Installer 15.5 a try. It will save you time and money, reduce your support costs, increase your customer satisfaction, and leverage your existing investments.

One of the main advantages of using MSI packages over other formats is that they are based on standard Windows Installer technology, which offers many benefits, such as:

Rollbacks, patches, auto-updates, and repair features

Secure installation and uninstallation process

Consistent user interface and behavior

Support for multiple languages and platforms

Integration with Windows features and services

Compliance with Windows logo certification requirements

Another advantage of using MSI packages is that they can be easily managed and deployed using various tools and methods, such as:

Group Policy and Active Directory

Windows Installer command-line options

Windows Installer PowerShell module

Third-party software distribution and management systems

Custom launchers and bootstrappers

With Advanced Installer 15.5, you can create MSI packages that take advantage of all these features and capabilities. You can also create other types of packages, such as AppX, App-V, MSIX, EXE, or Web Installers, depending on your needs and preferences. You can also convert between different formats or merge multiple packages into one. aa16f39245


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