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Bully Scholarship Edition Pc Save Game Chapter 6 ((BETTER))

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Bully Scholarship Edition Pc Save Game Chapter 6 ((BETTER))

Hey, can you add a save right before chapter one I really need a save file with the start of chapter one because mine got deleted. I am not in the mood for replaying the first part because the cutscenes are unskipeble and I just wasted like an hour making my game to play smoothly.

hey life changer for this, been at my corrupt file all night.downloaded your save file for somewhere near I was at, but for some reason anything that my num 0 is set too it wont do, so talk, save, config light sabre. everything else works with same controls but obviously without that working I cannot progress in the game

I want to thank this site immensely and the willingness to share.I had problems with the game and my save bugged, preventing me from continuing and here I was able to download the save and continue the story mode correctly.Thank you!

I tried your save 100% but BD-1 does not have the last three skins (updated game and buyed not cracked version) THX anyway! My advice is to play the game without this rescue because it loses its charm when you find all the boxes open.

My game has a problem that it crashes during the tutorial of force abilities so if you can put a save just after acquiring them it would allow me to play the game fully. I have used your saves to get the second ability (Push) and game crashed. Please put a save right after the push force and the subsequent forces so I can play please :)

After a quick chat with Crabblesnitch's oversexed secretary Mrs. Danvers, you're let into the school grounds and instructed to visit the headmaster in the main school building. As there is no clock at this early point in the game, now would be a great time to explore the campus and get the lay of the land. Jimmy spends the entire first chapter confined to campus so knowing where everything is will be most helpful. Pick up any Rubber Bands and G&G Cards you find, fight with students, run from prefects and get a good feel for what you can and can't do. You won't go to detention no matter how many times you're busted so feel free to cut loose and do what you want. When you've had your fun, drop by the principal's office at the top of the stairs in the main school building to have a chat with Crabblesnitch.

Chemistry is your first class followed by English after lunch. You are awarded various stat boosts and items for the successful completion of classes so it's always a good idea to save your game in the principal's office right before each class so you can redo it if you make a boo-boo. (The office save book won't show up until after your first class so use the one in your dorm if you must.) Passing all your classes early in the game will make school life easier so hit those books! Consult the Classes portion of this walkthrough if you need help.

While comparisons to Rockstar's successful Grand Theft Auto franchise are apt from a mechanical and a thematic perspective, Bully is smaller in scope than your typical GTA, with a lighter tone and more low key violence - anyone defeated by Jimmy is merely knocked out of commission, not killed, and will be fine the next time he sees them. But, due to the publisher's history, as well as the relatively sensitive nature of school violence, Bully received a great deal of media attention leading up to its release, with media watchdogs expressing concern over its potential glamorization of bullying. It was for this reason that in Europe the game was published under the alternate title Canis Canem Edit, Latin for "dog eat dog", the motto of Bullworth Academy. Generally speaking, though, Bully is a game that condemns bullying, as most of the story is spent overthrowing the established pecking order at Bullworth Academy.

The first few chapters of the game deals with Jimmy having to defend the Nerds by fighting off the Bullies and going on specific errands for them. This particular part will piss you off later in the game. Anyway, at the end of


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