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Jessica's Cupcake Cafe Free Download Full Version

This is a new gaming experience where you play as a pastry shop where you cook cupcakes and make your way up the leaderboard! Free to download & play for a short period! You will not only get to see a new game mode, but also new goals, unique characters and many more! This is not a game where you follow a set recipe. Nope! We have prepared everything from the smallest cupcake recipes to the biggest one, a Whopper! Download today and let your creativity take over!

jessica's cupcake cafe free download full version

The second version of the bakery is coming! If you enjoy playing cupcakes with us, check out this update. We improve the visual experience and bring you new characters and tasks. This application is still free to download for 2 weeks and will be soon gone.

A new cupcake cafe has opened in Whitborough Bay and visitors are coming from miles around! With the help of her cousins, Beth and Peter, Carla is determined to help bring in the top cupcake seller. However, the competition is fierce, and her aunt has already secured the contract with Caroline's Cupcakes! Carla needs to find a way to beat them and earn the grand prize of 10,000 pounds! Embark on a fun-filled cupcake journey to the ends of the universe and discover more delectable pastries. jessica's cupcake cafe free download full version Your goal is to have the best cupcake shop around and become the most successful cupcake shop owner ever! Your task is to transform the local town of Smallville to a bustling town full of customers craving for cupcakes. You will have to work hard and produce a lot of delicious cupcakes, so that customers will flock to your stores. First, take charge of a small bakery and start making amazing cupcakes for your customers. Then, you can expand your cupcake business around the town. Upgrades include new bakeries, new glazing, new decorating, new services and more. After taking care of the first part of your journey, you will have to get your first customer. You will need to overcome countless obstacles including traffic jams, broken bikes, poor service and customer complaints, which will all delay your cupcake delivery. Your bakery will need to be equipped with the latest machines and tasty delights, which will all add more profit to your bottom line.


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