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Ezra Bailey

Rita Mulcahy PMP Exam Prep - PM FASTrack V.7

RMC Learning Solutions is a PMI Registered Education Provider that offers several learning packages including live classes, a virtual classroom, e-learning, and self-study through exam prep, exam simulator, and workbooks. It offers several PMP exam simulation cloud subscription products for on-demand use.

Rita Mulcahy PMP Exam Prep - PM FASTrack v.7

The PrepCast exam simulator includes four full exams and one input, tools, techniques, and outputs (ITTO) exam. The simulator also includes a separate pool of questions for quizzes, a mark-for-review feature, and several modes including exam, timed, and review modes. An Elite bundle at $349 offers users both the simulator and exam prep training.

Brain Sensei provides PMP and CAPM online, self-paced exam prep courses. Its PMP Exam Simulator is priced at $119.99 accessible for 6 months. The simulator includes 3 full practice exams, and more than 1,500 questions updated for the 2022 exam. Questions also include material from the latest PMBOK Guide 7th Edition.

Successful PMP exam passers attest to the value of taking mock questions and practice exams. A PMP exam simulator is a critical tool for proper test preparation because it raises your confidence, along with increasing the chances of success for the real test. The best exam simulators give students the ability to work through questions within a time limit. Simulators that give varying degrees of difficult questions and detailed explanations of the correct answer are also the most helpful in preparing test-takers.

A Trainee should ideally sign up for PMI membership keeping the preparation time in mind. For Example, f it will take 6 months to prepare for the PMP certification exam, you will have to sign up 6 months prior to the target exam date. 041b061a72


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