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Bad Ass Themes Myspace

do not request me if you are under 15. i will not acceptdiscord is shsldetective#5051my personality database account: made by sophie: -space-windows-93-themes

Bad Ass Themes Myspace

From low-rise jeans to flashy Myspace themes, the 2000s was an era defined by flamboyancy. While the majority of those embarrassing trends naturally faded with time, one product of the '00s has overstayed its welcome. The infamous brand Kidz Bop has been churning out family-friendly compilation albums since 2001 sung by kids, for kids.

From low-rise jeans to flashy Myspace themes, the 2000s was an era defined by flamboyancy. While the majority of those embarrassing trends naturally faded with time, one product of the '00s has overstayed its welcome. The infamous brand Kidz Bop has been churning out family-friendly compilation albums since 2001 sung by kids, for kids...\nRead More

FYI: Be prepared to turn off comments here, you are going to get hit with a ton of myspace pedestrian traffic and they are going to leave stupid worthless comments, I saw it happen to thebignoob when keegan posted his layout.

So I was wondering what it would take to write a greasemonkey script to make myspace pages less offensive. Then I realized someone probably had, so I Googled greasemonkey myspace that led to: Not bad!

Nicely done. I passionately hate MySpace because of how unreadable and messy it is. As a college student, I prefer Facebook which is extremely clean and simple.One of my favorite bands has a terrible myspace site that you can bairly read =user.viewprofile&friendid=9159474

Jesus. Thank you so much. I considered man-handling the myspace code, but after looking at the page source, I began trembling in fear. No longer will I be the last person on the planet to hack their myspace page in the most hideous and disgusting way possible!

This is what i was looking for. I do css dev work where I work at and I have tweaked my myspace the best i could. This gives me a better insight as I am an aspiring designer and also to create kick ass css code.

I began reading this, keen and interested in improving my myspace account. ^^ Looking at the scrollbar to the right, and not knowing that there were comments on the side I almost left thinking the tutorial was too long.

Great idea, love it. Just reading through the comments and saw a few people posting other MySpace examples. I came accross a pretty interesting design about a week ago. This is more than likely NSFW so visit at your own risk.

So now that I have examined the uses of myspace I also need to look at why myspace sucks so much. Now for about a week I had one of those ugly looking profiles that most teens had. You know three songs, six or seven videos, alpha tables, a background with the same color as the text and pictures that are so large they force you to scroll for five minutes to piece together what the picture looks like because its too damn big for you to see it all at once. Eventually I think the web designer in me wanted to scream in agony, but after seeing so many hideous profiles I think most teenagers are use to ugly profiles. I see them all the time; in fact once I read a profile that made my eyes burn for about five minutes. It was like staring at the sun. Here the beauty is:

Eventually though a new website will be start (my the creator of myspace or someone else) that is much more functional and has the same services as myspace, but until then we are stuck with the web designers nightmare. By the way here my profile:

I understand your frustration. Right now, it looks like I may be accepting an offer from myspace. Cleaning up their markup and making them realize the benefits of standardized markup and the consequent savings in bandwidth cost is a major initiative I want to take on.

Though I really do appreciate what you have done with myspace on the battlefront dude, this comment is for all the dudes that posted back, whining and complaining about how the simple tags didnt work.

As for Mike, post on there if you want or dont, but that should relieve some of your stress. But it sounds like a better solution than having 5,000 post on your page. When myspace can handle it for you.

Leo,I totally hear you. I agree with you that it is not standard. I was going to keep the default text and just populate the normal way and incorporate the design that way, but I figured myspace is so haggard with its code and look so I just wiped it clean and put in my own way.

I saw a writ eup on your solution to the myspace issue in Print Magazine. Nice work and nice work! My friends and I teach web/graphic design and were just discussing this last week. Thanks for sharing your hard work.

Keep doing it guy, because while there are many people that will do this. There will also be people that try different avenues. Keep in mind the smarter of the myspace world is in your hands. Change the world, myspace isnt neccesarily your means, but it is an avenue to that means. Take social connectivity, take the love of art, take the love of people wanting to be completely and totally connected with no bounds to a place where it needs to be. With no boundaries and no sense of circumstance. I want to see you be the man, the one that makes a difference in how people think about being civalized.

Gilbert, anything mac doesnt sit right with me, so I totally understand. I prefer limewire, LOL. Drunken rants can produce great results, such as novels, scientific experiments that include keys & kites, myspace layouts made out of pure div codes, the bible, and so on.

I love the funny comments you have written in response. The instructions at the top of this page along with the css files were very easy to follow and i had a good laugh at the same time as improving myspace. The hack about the daft giant pictures is the best.

I use topstyle for my css and html so its fairly easy to do. Currently I am using a div layout for myspace. I think I am gonna have to try this one since its a pain to constantly manually update the page.

Ok,i read that u get alot of these comments but i REALLY need ur help. all my info and friends are on one profile for my myspace, except that my email that i used for myspace is old and theres no way to get into it if i forgot my password. i have eail myspace at least 15 times. and yet they will not give me the answer i wanted.i wanted to know is there anyway i myself or u can hack into my account and change my password to dotted1????

You are A hero. A Few months ago I started a myspace for my band. But i Gave up on it quite quick because everything looked like Crap. With some minor mods to you file and Some new Textures Tittles and such I finaly got something i like. Thank you For Saving My Crap myspace.

Hey Mike. Well after ****ing around with DIV overlays for a while I decided to see what I could yield with your code. I have to say it is wonderful as usual. I still like div overlays but will keep my main page clean by using the base code you provided. Opera still has a hard time with the flash player I added. Also Internet Explorer is being stupid as usual, but alas I do not care. My page is meant for Firefox users which make up the more intelligent people on myspace or in web design in general.

Hi there. Thank you for taking the time to write this article. Thank you for attempting to make myspace look less ugly and hopeless. I frequent your blog and enjoy your writing; you an extremely dynamic person.

I read extremely confused! lol. Im sorry but my tiny little brain just couldnt handle the big words. :P Oh well! I think you did good work on figuring all this out. But i guess im off to go search google for something else to help me make myspace layouts. =/ Something with fewer words, and pictures! LOL

My name is chelsea and something terribly has happend to me.i was at a friends house oen day and i sudenly realized i had changed my password.i dont know what i was i went to forgot my pasword.but i couldnt remember my yahoo password eaither.and i have been trying for months ways to hack, remember my pass anything to get back to myspace.i have been so depressed!see the biggest thing that worrys me is.i met a friend there once, she had mentally problems and we connected.sense i havnt been able to get into my myspace im afraid that she thinks i dont like her anymore.she means the world to me, we can relate to anytthing and its breaking my heart that i cant talk to her anymore.i have been crying. arguring, screaming.and i realized that to me myspace is more then just a chatting a place where you can help.i dont want to sound desparte but i am.i was wondering if you could help me out with hacking or email is candygurrl34@hotmail.comi will be waitting with anxiety and hope seeing if you message or comment me here.i will love you and talk about you to everyone if you help me.

I to hate the normal layouts on myspace, so i just did the whole cover it with a blank page and do my own thing :) yes a div layout, found the base code online then modified it for my use let me know what you think ! My page

I joined myspace twice because my brother, his wife and a couple of friends were bugging me to get on it. Both times I deleted my profile soon after, partly because I felt the ugliness of it reflects poorly on me. I am a techie, not directly involved with Web design, but still, people would expect my profile to have a little sizzle. With your examples, along with what I learned about CSS on my last attempt, I should be good to go. Many thanks for providing this info (I am sure it has not gone unpunished).


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