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Ezra Bailey
Ezra Bailey

How To Get KeyStrokes In Minecraft In Version 1...

After a lot of troubleshooting and googling, I have narrowed down the most likely cause to be the LWJGL library. From what I read, the solution to that problem is to update LWGJL, so that's what I did. I could not figure out how to manually update LWGJL in the new launcher, but I did find a way to force the Launcher to update: I deleted the LWJGL folder located at .minecraft\libraries\org\lwgjl, and then ran the latest version of Minecraft to force install a newer version of LWJGL. This updated LWJGL from version 2.9.4 to version 3.1.6, which did fix the issue in MC 1.13. However, I only play on 1.8.9 and 1.12.2 (both of which have the bug), so this didn't solve my problems.

How To Get KeyStrokes In Minecraft In Version 1...




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