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Rigodon (2012) Uncut Version DVDRip 720p X264 AC3.mkv -5thGarde [BETTER]


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Rigodon (2012) Uncut Version DVDRip 720p x264 AC3.mkv -5thGarde: A Review

Rigodon (2012) is a Filipino drama-thriller movie directed by Erik Matti and starring Yam Concepcion, John James Uy, and Max Eigenmann. The movie follows the story of Sarah (Concepcion), a young woman who gets involved in a passionate affair with Riki (Uy), a married man who works as an architect. However, their relationship soon turns into a dangerous game of obsession, deception, and betrayal as Sarah's ex-boyfriend Reg (Eigenmann) tries to win her back.

In this article, we will review Rigodon (2012) Uncut Version DVDRip 720p x264 AC3.mkv -5thGarde, a high-quality video file that contains the uncut version of the movie with enhanced audio and video quality. We will also discuss some of the reasons why you should watch this movie if you are a fan of Filipino cinema or erotic thrillers.

Why You Should Watch Rigodon (2012) Uncut Version DVDRip 720p x264 AC3.mkv -5thGarde

Here are some of the reasons why you should watch Rigodon (2012) Uncut Version DVDRip 720p x264 AC3.mkv -5thGarde:

It features Yam Concepcion's debut performance as Sarah, a role that earned her the title of "Viva Entertainment's New Sex Goddess". Concepcion delivers a stunning and daring performance as she portrays Sarah's complex emotions and motivations. She also showcases her beauty and sex appeal in several steamy scenes with Uy and Eigenmann.

It is directed by Erik Matti, one of the most acclaimed and versatile filmmakers in the Philippines. Matti is known for his gritty and realistic style of filmmaking that explores various genres and themes. He has directed movies such as On The Job (2013), Honor Thy Father (2015), BuyBust (2018), and Kuwaresma (2019). Rigodon (2012) is one of his earlier works that showcases his talent for creating suspenseful and provocative stories.

It contains the u


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