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‘Methamphetamine use is widespread among MSMs, and the problem has metastasized to include co-initiators, chemsex and therapeutic misadventures. As methamphetamine use continues to rise, treatment providers must be prepared to address these numerous and complex challenges. Methamphetamine use is associated with a broad range of adverse health consequences, and its impact on HIV care and prevention is significant. As treatment providers begin to face this problem, they will need tools to understand the issues and be able to respond in an appropriate, evidence-based, and increasingly appropriate fashion.’

‘These data illustrate the pressing need for new and effective interventions that target methamphetamine use, because methamphetamine use is associated not only with a broad range of adverse health consequences but also with a high burden of HIV. These data underscore the importance of prevention and treatment strategies that are grounded in an understanding of the methamphetamine problem and the complex issues within this community.’

‘The evidence for the adverse health consequences of methamphetamine use among MSMs is extensive, and these are relevant to HIV treatment and prevention. There is a pressing need for new and effective behavioral interventions to avert or minimize the consequences of drug use among these patients.’

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