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Hot Teen Handcuffed


Hot Teen Handcuffed

A very disturbing image of a group of African-American teens handcuffed by undercover U.S. Park Police officers at the National Mall was circulated online over this past weekend. Their supposed offense Selling cold waters on a hot day. Not selling or doing drugs, not robbing anyone, not damaging property. Selling cold waters on a hot day.

Photos tweeted by passerby Tim Krepp, a tour guide and writer, show three plainclothes U.S. Park Police officers detaining the three African-American teens near the Mall's Smithsonian Castle, located between the Washington Monument and the U.S. Capitol.

The three teens, ages 16 and 17, were detained for "illegally selling water" but were not charged, Rose says. They were held until their parents arrived. A fourth individual was immediately released after officers determined he was uninvolved, she says.

Rose says that although the officers were not wearing uniforms, "there was no sting operation" or concerted crackdown on drink-sellers. She could not comment on why officers decided not to charge the teens with a crime, but says officers have discretion to make such decisions.

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A federal lawsuit is being filed on behalf of the Black teen who was handcuffed and subdued by police while a lighter-skinned teen he was fighting with Bridgewater Commons mall was seated on a sofa without handcuffs.

He said after watching the video of the incident, which has prompted widespread condemnation from the public and elected officials, including Gov. Phil Murphy, he was confused that police were treating him differently than the other teen.

The teen's mother said she initially assumed both her son and the other teen involved in the fight had been handcuffed but when she saw the video and it became clear they were treated very differently she was shocked.

In some schools, students who cut in line at the cafeteria might be scolded or sent to a guidance counselor. In Wake County, N.C., they risk getting handcuffed and thrown in jail, according to a complaint against the local school district and law-enforcement agencies filed Wednesday with the U.S. Department of Justice. 59ce067264


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