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A concise beginners guide to the theory of object orientated programming. This book covers the basic theory and more advanced best practices, patterns and advanced concepts such as Publish/Subcribe, CQRS, Dependency Injection and a brief introduction to MVC,

Visual Basic 2019 handbook is authored by Dr. Liew, the webmaster of popular online Visual Basic Tutorial, This book is a concise guide to mastering Visual Basic 2019, from beginner to intermediate programmers. This handbook has been written to complement our free online Visual Basic 2019 tutorial with much more content. It is also an excellent reference text for high school or college-level computer science courses. Reading this book will allow you to:

This book is designed to guide you through any challenge. While the content is more focused, this book has plenty of material to keep you busy and learning. You will not be bored. If you find most programming books to be too dry, this could be an excellent book for you to get started in Python.(Reviewed by David Schlesinger and Steven C. Howell.)

The Getting Started section contains everything you need to hit the ground running.It begins with a chapter on the fundamentals of the bash command-line. (Yes, you can even install bash for Windows.)The book then proceeds to explain the foundations of Python, hitting on all the expected topics: operators, strings, variables, containers, logic, and flow control.Additionally, there is an entire chapter dedicated to all the different types of functions, and another for classes and object-oriented programming.

The book is constructed as a series of over fifty exercises, each building on the previous, and each teaching you some new feature of the language. Starting from Exercise 0, getting Python set up on your computer, you begin writing simple programs. You learn about variables, data types, functions, logic, loops, lists, debugging, dictionaries, object-oriented programming, inheritance, and packaging. You even create a simple game using a game engine.

The wikibook contains a comprehensive guide to F# programming. It coversF# language basics and essential functional programming concepts such asworking with functions and immutable data structures. It also discussesimperative and object-oriented programming in F# and advanced langaugefeatures such as active patterns and computation expressions.

F# for Scientists explains and demonstrates the powerful features of this important newprogramming language. The book assumes no prior experience and guides the reader fromthe basics of computer programming to the implementation of state-of-the-art algorithms.Written in a clear and concise style, F# for Scientists is well suited for researchers,scientists. It also serves as anideal supplemental text for advanced undergraduate and graduate students with a background in science or engineering.

F# is the result of combining the power and capabilities of functional programming with with the imperative and object-oriented paradigms of .NET. Multi-Paradigm Programming In F# is a book that help developers to makeapplications using F# tools and the .NET libraries. This book is written in Persian language in 509 pages.In this book you will read:

Addressing the need to acquire a good working model of objects in order to avoid possible misconceptions, the text introduces the core concepts of object-oriented programming at any stage, supported by the use of contour diagrams. Each chapter has one or more complete programs to illustrate the various ideas presented, and to help readers learn how to write programs on their own. Chapter summaries and practical exercises also are included to help the reader to review their progress and practice their skills.

Believe it or not, object-oriented programming (OOP for short) is nowhere near as complicated as people might have you think, and actually exists to make the task of programming easier.

Before object-oriented programming arrived on the scene


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