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Game Controls Built Into A Slim Phone Case. Why Are We Not Funding This

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Game Controls Built Into A Slim Phone Case. Why Are We Not Funding This

Game controls built into a slim phone case. Why are we not funding this

If you love playing games on your iPhone, you might have wished for a better way to control the action than tapping on the screen. Imagine having physical buttons, joysticks and triggers that let you move, aim and shoot with ease. Well, you don't have to imagine anymore, because there are some amazing products that can turn your phone into a gaming console.

One of them is the Gamevice FLEX, a mobile game controller that fits with most iPhone models and phone cases[^2^]. It connects to your phone via Lightning port and gives you console-quality gaming controls, including dual analog joysticks, a D-pad, four face buttons, four shoulder buttons and a 3.5mm headphone jack. You can also enjoy Xbox Cloud Gaming, PlayStation Remote Play, Steam Link and more with this device[^3^]. The Gamevice FLEX is ergonomic, lightweight and foldable, so you can take it anywhere and play anytime.

Another option is the Backbone One, a mobile gaming controller that works with iPhone 6S and later models[^1^]. It also plugs into your phone's Lightning port and features a similar layout as the Gamevice FLEX, but with some extra features. For example, it has a Capture button that lets you record and share your gameplay with your friends, a Backbone app that organizes your games and connects you with other players, and an integrated battery that extends your phone's battery life while gaming[^1^]. The Backbone One is also slim, sleek and portable.

These are just two examples of game controls built into a slim phone case. There are many more products that can enhance your mobile gaming experience, such as the KingTSYU Mobile Gaming Controller Grip[^2^], the SteelSeries Nimbus+[^1^], the GameSir X2[^1^] and more. So why are we not funding this Well, maybe we should. If you are a fan of mobile gaming, you might want to check out these devices and see how they can level up your game.So how do these game controls built into a slim phone case work Well, they are basically plug-and-play devices that connect to your phone via the Lightning port or the USB-C port. They use the native iOS or Android APIs to communicate with your games, so you don't need to install any drivers or apps to use them. However, some devices may have their own apps that offer additional features, such as recording, streaming, chatting and more.

One of the benefits of using these devices is that they can improve your gaming performance and comfort. You can have more precise and responsive controls, especially for games that require fast and accurate movements, such as shooters, racers and fighters. You can also avoid blocking your screen with your fingers or smudging it with your sweat. Moreover, you can reduce the strain on your hands and wrists by holding a more ergonomic device than your phone.

Another benefit of using these devices is that they can expand your gaming library and options. You can play more games that are compatible with controllers, such as console games, PC games and retro games. You can also access cloud gaming services, such as Xbox Cloud Gaming, PlayStation Remote Play, Steam Link and GeForce Now, that let you stream games from the cloud to your phone. You can also enjoy Apple Arcade or Google Play Pass, which offer hundreds of premium games for a monthly subscription. aa16f39245


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