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Ezra Bailey
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A merchandiser is a person responsible for the display of products in a store or online. Regardless of whether they work in retail, grocery, or for an online marketplace, merchandisers must coordinate with buying teams and store managers to highlight in-stock and seasonally relevant products. They are expected to monitor product popularity and performance in order to adequately plan upcoming volumes of product stock.


As a merchandiser, you might work either directly for a company, or for a specialized agency. Many stores create their own merchandising departments, but in some cases, they rely on a third-party agency to develop larger creative displays. For example, the creation of an elaborate store window display might be outsourced to a company solely dedicated to one-off creative work. A merchandising role may open up a wide range of advancement opportunities, including positions within wholesale buying, retail operations, and retail management. The fashion industry is the most sought-after for merchandising jobs, and these roles typically require a degree in fashion, design, or merchandising. Relevant internships and previous hands-on experience can significantly increase chances of securing an interview.

The Merchandiser of the Year Award is designed to recognize those PGA Professionals who have excelled as business persons / merchandisers in the promotion of golf. The PGA honors PGA Professionals in three categories: Private, Public and Resort facilities. 041b061a72


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