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Sinphony: A Clubhouse Horror Anthology

What makes this particular anthology unique? These nine visions of horror were conceived of and curated entirely on Clubhouse, the audio-based social media platform for casual, drop-in audio chats with friends and new people around the world to tell stories, ask questions, debate, learn, and have impromptu conversations on thousands of different topics.

Sinphony: A Clubhouse Horror Anthology

Like all of us, horror creatives have spent quarantine re-evaluating the way they connect and network in what has become a largely virtual world for the past year-plus. Clubhouse, the iOS social media app that facilitates communication through an audio-only platform, has grown into a new meeting ground for the horror community, with folks like Barbara Crampton, Jed Shepherd and many more getting together to share their experiences and talk movies. Some of that networking has manifested into Sinphony, a horror anthology produced by Sebastien Bazile and the first film to be born out of Clubhouse!

Jed Shepherd, co-writer of upcoming TIFF movie Dashcam, and Sebastien Bazile, co-founder of production hub Screen Anthology, are working on a new anthology movie project that is to be sourced entirely from the Clubhouse horror community.

The project, currently untitled, is a follow up to Sinphony, a scary movie anthology that began in a horror room on Clubhouse, the audio-based social media platform. The project was scripted and shot all around the world via members of the horror room.

For the sake of not ruining the excitement of the anthology, we can only say that each piece explores a different aspect of society and the way in which horror relates to it. In the age of social media, our lives are characterized by the unknown, the lurking, the terrifying, and the demonic, and SINPHONY takes advantage of this fact. It is remarkable how SINPONY has created something so hyperpostmodern and horrifying.

The story of SINPHONY encompasses many elements of horror, but ghosts, witches, parasites, and demons could be considered to be the most prominent characters. The anthology contains nine segments, each of which contains a cohesive story leading to a chilling conclusion.

A horror anthology is a truly entertaining form of film; the concept of combining several short stories into one is so cleverly crafted that it provides a captivating experience. It is exciting to see several stories woven together in a full-feature film, rather than just watching a short film (which is also fantastic).

Sinphony: A Clubhouse Horror Anthology will be released on DVD on November 29 via Dark Sky Films. Conceived entirely on the social media platform Clubhouse, the 2022 horror anthology is currently available on VOD. 041b061a72


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