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Auto Hide IP V5.6.3.8 Patch [CracksNow] Full Version

step 8: once you have smoothed the new gator patch to your liking, you can apply the final coating of the pavement. i usually use a fine sand paper at this point. use the sand paper at the highest grit available. as you work your way down through the grits, the grits will gradually become coarser. once you reach the coarsest grit, you will be able to work the surface smooth. once the surface is smooth, it is ready for the final layer of pavement. the final layer is a 3m acrylic sealant. i prefer the brand acryl because it is a high quality and long lasting product. while i wait for it to dry, im going to go ahead and reinstall the sidewalk. i will use the solvent and scrubber to remove the old sealant, the old gator patch and the old concrete. once everything is clean, i will then fill in any cracks that i missed with the new gator patch. i will also put down some curedcoat to protect the new pavement from moisture and other contaminants.

Auto Hide IP V5.6.3.8 Patch [CracksNow] Full Version


pro-tips: if there is a lot of loose dirt or stones in the road, i will use the back of a stick to sweep them out first. this will help prevent having to do it later with a spackle gun. spackle is a small paste-like material that is mixed with sand. it is used for filling in cracks. also, i will apply a coat of sealant to each driveway entryway to protect the driveway and to help prevent water and other contaminants from getting into the driveway. as a final tip, i always keep a spare piece of old gator patch in my truck so if i need to remove a section of gator patch, i can do it quickly without having to go back home.


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