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Ahmet Davutoglu's Strategic Depth: A Vision for Turkey's Role in the World

Ahmet Davutoglu is a former Turkish prime minister and foreign minister who is widely regarded as the architect of Turkey's foreign policy in the 21st century. His book, Strategic Depth: Turkey's International Position, published in 2001, is considered as a seminal work that outlines his vision for Turkey's role in the world. In this article, we will briefly summarize the main arguments and implications of Davutoglu's strategic depth doctrine.

What is strategic depth

According to Davutoglu, strategic depth is a concept that refers to the potential and capacity of a country to influence its regional and global environment. It is determined by two factors: geography and history. Geography defines the physical location, size, borders, resources, and neighbors of a country. History defines the cultural, religious, linguistic, and political legacy of a country. Davutoglu argues that Turkey has a unique strategic depth due to its geographical position at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa, and its historical role as the heir of the Ottoman Empire, which spanned over three continents and several civilizations.

What are the goals of strategic depth

Davutoglu's strategic depth doctrine aims to achieve four main goals for Turkey: security, stability, prosperity, and influence. Security means protecting Turkey's territorial integrity, sovereignty, and national interests from external threats and challenges. Stability means contributing to the resolution of conflicts and crises in Turkey's neighborhood and beyond. Prosperity means enhancing Turkey's economic development and integration with regional and global markets. Influence means increasing Turkey's political and cultural presence and leadership in the world.

How to implement strategic depth

Davutoglu proposes several principles and policies to implement his strategic depth doctrine. Some of them are:

Zero problems with neighbors: This principle aims to establish good relations with all neighboring countries based on mutual respect, dialogue, cooperation, and non-interference. Davutoglu believes that Turkey should not have any enemies or rivals in its vicinity, but rather partners and friends.

Multi-dimensional foreign policy: This principle aims to diversify Turkey's relations with different regions and actors in the world based on common interests and values. Davutoglu believes that Turkey should not limit itself to any single alliance or bloc, but rather pursue a balanced and active foreign policy that engages with all relevant parties.

Proactive diplomacy: This principle aims to take initiative and responsibility in addressing regional and global issues that affect Turkey's interests and values. Davutoglu believes that Turkey should not be a passive observer or follower of international developments, but rather a proactive player and leader that shapes them.

Civilizational dialogue: This principle aims to promote dialogue and understanding among different civilizations and cultures in the world based on mutual respect and tolerance. Davutoglu believes that Turkey should not be seen as a threat or a competitor by any civilization or culture, but rather as a bridge and a mediator that facilitates coexistence and cooperation.

What are the challenges of strategic depth

Davutoglu's strategic depth doctrine has been praised by some as a visionary and ambitious project that elevates Turkey's status and role in the world. However, it has also been criticized by others as a neo-Ottomanist and unrealistic project that overestimates Turkey's capabilities and underestimates its challenges. Some of the challenges that Davutoglu's strategic depth doctrine faces are:

Domestic politics: The implementation of Davutoglu's strategic depth doctrine depends on the political stability, legitimacy, and consensus within Turkey. However, Turkey has been experiencing political polarization, social unrest, econom


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