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Dd Boot Camp Homework Assignments

Yes! If you run a page on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, or any other platform with over 1000 followers, send a message to our partnership coordinator at! We love partnering with students.

dd boot camp homework assignments


Frank Rolfe: In fact, in certain years, we paid more than a half a million dollars alone in Contract Assignment fees. It's a part of the industry we thought was very important, and what was equally odd, when Brandon and I were thinking of ideas that were new for the lecture series event, we realized we'd never actually done one on this very necessary and important feature of the industry. Then we thought, "Well, who could we do it with?" We thought, "Well, let's do it with Jimmy Johnson." Who is somebody who went to boot camp, and who has been selling assignments very successfully. We thought he would give a fresh, new perspective to it on the sales side.

Jimmy Johnson: Yep. Yeah. Really, as soon as I do have it, especially under contract, I now have a lot of people who, buyers that I speak to on a daily and weekly basis. But really, how I first started with the first few assignments was, whether it was people that I actually met at the boot camp, or really your guys' forum. I posted an intro post on there, saying, "Hey, I just came back from the boot camp. I have, you know, four parks that I'm looking to assign. There was just an overwhelming amount of response from that. I've met people, yes, from the boot camp and from the forum who have went on to buy either past assignments or the current ones. That started it, and now it's a lot of word of mouth. People refer people, and every day, people are calling and emailing, saying, "Hey, I heard you have a lot of parks. You know, I'm working a full-time job, or you know, I just don't have the time to do marketing." It's a good way for them to pick up parks to buy, as well. It's really just spread day after day with people reaching out, but it all started with the forum and just a couple posts on Facebook, and whatnot.


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