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Offer Nissim-Second Time CD2 Full Album Zip TOP

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Offer Nissim: Second Time CD2 - A Review of the Full Album

Offer Nissim is a renowned Israeli DJ and producer who has been making waves in the dance music scene for over two decades. His latest release, Second Time CD2, is the second part of a double album that showcases his versatility and creativity. The album features 12 tracks of uplifting, energetic and emotional house music that will make you want to dance and sing along.

The album opens with "Second Time", a collaboration with Maya Simantov, who has been Nissim's frequent vocal partner since 2004. The song is a catchy and upbeat anthem that celebrates the power of love and second chances. The chorus goes: "Second time around, I'm feeling so much better / Second time around, I'm ready for whatever / Second time around, I know we'll make it better / Second time around, we're stronger than ever".

The next track is "Be My Boyfriend", another collaboration with Simantov, but this time with a darker and more sensual vibe. The song is about a woman who wants to seduce a man who is already taken, and she doesn't care about the consequences. She sings: "Be my boyfriend for tonight / I don't care if it's wrong or right / Be my boyfriend for tonight / I don't care about your other life".

The album then shifts to a more upbeat and festive mood with "Happy People", a collaboration with Epiphony, another Israeli singer who has worked with Nissim before. The song is a celebration of life and happiness, and it invites the listeners to join the party. The chorus goes: "Happy people, happy people / We are happy people, happy people / We don't need no reason to be happy / We just need the music and the feeling".

The fourth track is "Alone", a solo production by Nissim that showcases his skills as a composer and arranger. The song is a beautiful and melancholic instrumental that features piano, strings and synths. The song creates a contrast with the previous tracks, and it shows Nissim's ability to create different moods and atmospheres with his music.

The album continues with "First Time", the first part of the double album's title track. This song is also a collaboration with Simantov, and it is a remake of one of Nissim's classic hits from 2005. The song is a powerful and emotional ballad that tells the story of a woman who falls in love for the first time, and how it changes her life. She sings: "First time I feel like I'm alive / First time I see myself through your eyes / First time I feel like I can fly / First time you're the reason why".

The sixth track is "Rain", another solo production by Nissim that features his signature sound of tribal drums, ethnic vocals and hypnotic melodies. The song is a dynamic and energetic dance floor filler that will make you move your body and feel the rhythm. The song has no lyrics, but it has a vocal sample that says: "Let the rain fall down on me".

The album then slows down with "Perfect Love", a collaboration with Rita, one of Israel's most famous and successful singers. The song is a romantic and tender duet that expresses the feelings of two lovers who have found their perfect match. They sing: "Perfect love, perfect love / You're the only one I'm dreaming of / Perfect love, perfect love / You're the only one who makes me feel this way".

The eighth track is "Why", another collaboration with Simantov, but this time with a more upbeat and optimistic tone. The song is about a woman who questions her lover's intentions, but she decides to trust him and give him a chance. She sings: "Why do you say you love me / Why do you say you care / Why do you say you need me / Why do you say you're there / I don't know if I should believe you / But I'm willing to take the risk".

The album then returns to a more festive and cheerful mood with "Everybody Dance", a collaboration with Deborah Cox, one of Canada's most successful R&B singers. The song is an invitation to dance and have fun, and it pays homage to some of the disco classics from the 70s and 80


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