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[S2E6] That's Nothing I Had To Remember _HOT_

  • The Big Easy: Josie goes to New Orleans to consult with Freya Mikaelson.

  • Continuity Nod: Josie consults with Hope's aunt Freya on the Japanese spell. At the end of the episode, Freya comes to Mystic Falls after regaining her memories of her niece.

  • Geek: Lizzie knows exactly how to distract Landon. She then asks him about his opinion on Ewoks. Cut to a scene about Landon excitedly talking her ear off about them while making a sandwich. Lizzie is so bored she nearly nods off.

  • Later on, Landon references a number of "versus" films and gets offended when Lizzie refers to them as boring.

  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Cassandra was killed by the very creature she brought into being.

  • Instantly Proven Wrong: Kaleb tries to convince his sister that there's nothing interesting at the Salvatore School, moments before a zombie bursts through the door and is captured by MG and Lizzie.

  • Internal Reveal: Everyone finally regains their memories of Hope.

  • Lizzie learns that Sebastian is real.

  • Josie tells Lizzie about Penelope's journal and tells her to stop using the pen Penelope gave her.

  • Landon tells Lizzie that he and Josie haven't slept together, so Lizzie tells Hope that she still has a chance.

  • Let's You and Him Fight: Landon has an idea to unleash the zombie on the Croatoan, figuring the monsters will fight, which will allow them to get away. This turns out to be incorrect, as the two monsters completely ignore one another.

  • The Lost Colony of Roanoke: It's revealed that Roanoke was wiped out by a creature summoned by a witch named Cassandra because of the murders Sebastian committed. Initially, he believes that she unleashed the creature to find out the culprit. However, after Josie's spell jogs his memory, he remembers that Cassandra knew it was him all along and wanted to protect him from the townsfolk, so she unleashed the Croatoan to seek out the colonists' secrets and keep them distracted. She was planning on destroying the creature but gave her protective medallion to Sebastian instead, so the creature killed her before she could banish it. At some point, Malivore took the Croatoan, so even Sebastian forgot some of the details of those events.

  • Love Triangle: After his memories of Hope are restored, Landon doesn't know who he wants to be with anymore and tells Josie he needs time to figure out his feelings. Gets even more complicated with Raf, who remembers his own feelings for Hope but doesn't want to ruin his friendship with Landon. To get even more complicated, both Josie and Hope crushed on one another in the past. There's also some ambiguity with MG, who has long had feelings for Lizzie but also likes Kaleb's sister Kym.

  • Manly Tears: Sebastian after remembering the whole truth about what happened at Roanoke.

  • The Reveal: Lizzie and Hope reveal a bunch of secrets to one another, as they're trying to keep the Croatoan from killing them. Hope had a crush on Josie when she was 14.

  • Lizzie thinks Hope is cool, even though she is loathe to admit it.

  • Also, the ending of the previous episode implied that Josie suspected Landon of having feelings for Hope. In fact, between episodes, she reads Lizzie's diary entry on remembering Hope and figures out the whole truth.

  • Matt Donovan is now the Mayor of Mystic Falls.

  • Running Gag: Landon has to keep reminding others that phoenixes don't have Super Strength.

  • Sinister Schnoz: The Croatoan has a long, pointy nose, which it uses to stab its victims in the throat to keep them from screaming, before stabbing them with it multiple times in the chest.

  • Title Drop: Spoken by Landon to Josie about his feelings for her after regaining memories of Hope.

  • Wrong Genre Savvy: The Super Squad believes they can stop Malivore from sending any more monsters if they capture one of them instead of destroying it. They capture the zombie with the Malivore symbol on its forehead, but are seemingly proven wrong when the Croatoan shows up anyway. What they don't realize is that Malivore didn't create the zombie, it was the mysterious hooded figure at the cemetery, so they may still be right.

[S2E6] That's Nothing I Had to Remember


Laura doesn't initially want to sub at TMS (you'll remember she worked for TMS's rival morning show, so she knows about getting up that early), but Bradley is very excited about working together, so that's how Laura gets to yes. But when Bradley goes to her apartment to pack some stuff so they can go in together in the morning, her troubled brother Hal is there. Bradley texts Laura that there has been a hitch in the Slumber Party Plan, so she won't be back.

Cory shows up (of course, Cory started all this, remember) at Bradley's and tells her that the network doesn't expect her to respond to all this nonsense. Bradley cries about how she comes from "rotten roots," and Laura makes her feel happy, and Hal reminds her of those rotten roots. "You are your own thing," Cory responds helpfully (?). Obviously, he does not reveal that he outed her to serve another agenda, but you have to believe that's going to come up at some point. Bradley goes for a "maybe it's all for the best" sentiment, and then they part. "You're leaving tomorrow," she announces to Hal when she's back in the apartment, and he swears at her in response.

Stiles, meanwhile, is still in the van with Jackson. He tells him that when he changes he has scales. He describes the kanima in general terms, but Jackson doesn't believe him. Stiles asks him what he did the night of the semi-final game. Jackson claims he went home. Stiles tells him he tries to kill him and Derek. And just last night tried to kill Danny. Jackson wants to know why he'd try to kill his best friend, and Stiles admits that that's what Scott is trying to figure out. Jackson threatens to prosecute them. Stiles asks him what happened on the night of his first full moon, and Jackson tells him that nothing happened.

Scott bikes over to the Jungle to check Danny's car. The lock on the trunk has been tampered with, and the tablet is missing. He goes to meet Allison and Stiles at the overlook and tells them that if Jackson can't remember being the kanima then he isn't going to remember stealing the tablet. Allison suggests that someone else could have taken the tablet. Stiles points out that only someone who knows what he is would steal the tablet because they'd know what's on the video. That means that someone else is protecting him. They try to think of who would want to protect him. Scott asks whether or not the information Stiles found about the kanima only killing murderers is actually true. Stiles says it can't be because it tried to kill all of them. But Scott points out that it didn't actually. It threatened them, but it didn't try to kill them. He suggests that maybe the kanima was trying to keep them in the pool, not kill them. Stiles feels violated, and Scott says that's because they're missing a key piece of what's really going on.

What about the Soviet union? One has to remember that although Russia has rather co-opted the history of the Red Army, there were Ukrainians, Belarusians and many, many others who fought in the Red Army as well and this history has rather been taken over by them and so it's something that's very, very important to remember. And I know that we're going to talk in much more depth about Ukraine and about the role of Ukraine in Russian identity and I'm just going to talk very, very briefly about history and memory in World War II before passing over to Omer.

The same would go to the next Ukrainian national hero of the second attempt to create an independent Ukrainian state. And that's Khmelnytsky, who was a national Ukrainian hero, tried to create an independent Ukrainian state, and that state then could not survive under the Bolshevik onslaught and became part of the Soviet Union. And the same goes certainly in west Ukraine to the man who was head of the more radical faction of the organization of Ukrainian nationalists, Stepan Bandera, who is commemorated everywhere in west Ukraine and remembered as having fought both against the Pols in the 1930s, Polish rule in the 1930s, and the insurgency against the Soviets that continued long after the end of World War II into the late 1940s. But Bandera and the Banderites, his followers were involved in killing Jews and Pols. So again, a very different collective memory that matters to this day.

The Baldwin family watches the news, which mentions that people are protesting the launch of the Sea Dragon, since it contained nuclear fuel. Karen says that it does not seem very safe, and asks what would happen if it exploded in the atmosphere, and Ed mentioned that was why the launch was in the middle of nowhere. The launch begins, and after it successfully lifted off, Ed reassured her that there was nothing to worry about, which did not convince her. Kelly asks Ed what he had written his essay about when he had gotten into AnnapolisW, but Ed said he did not remember, and told her to simply tell them who she was, which left her stumped. She asks Ed why they had adopted her, and Ed tells her that when they walked into the adoption center, they saw her help a kid with a puzzle, being kind and patient and tells her that they knew right away. Karen told her that it was love at first sight, and Ed agreed. However, Kelly asked why they did not have another baby. Karen tells her that she had some medical issues, and Ed had been living away from Karen for a while, since it was a difficult time after Shane died. They remember getting excited over adopting a VietnameseW baby, which makes Kelly think she only served as their band-aid, but Karen tells her that she was their heart transplant.

There are plenty of killers on TV who lead double lives. Some do it because they cannot control their impulses (like Dexter), while others do it as part of an elaborate game (Hannibal Lecter). Their success is based on hiding (and feeding) that part of themselves while deceiving those around them. The Dexter approach (at least initially) was to become as invisible and unassuming as possible. Hannibal, on the other hand, inserts himself full into the fray, creating his own scapegoat to both attract and deflect attention. In many ways, Norman is like Will Graham from Hannibal who, though not a killer, cannot initially keep his inner life and waking life separated. Will supposedly blacks out and commits crimes, and can't remember or believe he did them, because, well, he didn't. Norman, on the other hand, blacks out and remembers nothing, but is ultimately guilty. 041b061a72


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