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Share Experience To Play Corner Kick bet in Football

Apart from main bets like Asian Handicap, European Handicap, and Over/Under bets, secondary bet types also attract players' attention equally. Among them, the Corner Kick bet must be mentioned. To understand more about this type of bet, let's explore it with Wintips in the following article!

What is a Corner Kick bet?

The Corner Kick bet, known as "Corners" in English, is a secondary bet determined based on the total number of corner kicks occurring in a match. Therefore, when participating in this bet, you only need watch championship football tips and focus on the number of corner kicks, without concerning yourself with the score, the outcome of the match (win/loss), or the number of cards, etc.

Online Corner Kick bets are divided into various types for players to choose from, including: corner kick handicaps, 1×2 corner kicks, odd/even corner kicks, over/under corner kicks, betting on the team to take the first/last corner kick, and more. Reputable bookmakers will offer different Corner Kick bets based on the match's characteristics, along with varying odds for each.

Common types of online Corner Kick bets

Similar to the card bets, bookmakers offer a wide variety of Corner Kick bets in football betting. Below are some commonly encountered types of bets:

Over/Under Corner Kick bet

Due to its straightforward nature, the Over/Under Corner Kick bet attracts a large number of players. With this bet, the bookmaker sets a figure for the number of corner kicks in a match. Players simply need to choose "over" when predicting a higher result than the bookmaker's number, and "under" for a lower result.

Bookmakers usually set a high Over/Under Corner Kick figure if both teams in the match lean towards an attacking style of play, and vice versa. Therefore, players need to pay attention to this factor when analyzing bets and making sensible choices.

Corner Kick Handicap bet

Similar to the Asian Handicap bet, in Corner Kick Handicap betting, the bookmaker divides the two teams into upper and lower odds. When participating in this bet, players must wager on the team that will have a higher number of corner kicks. The bookmaker determines the odds based on the number of corner kicks appearing in the match to determine the win or loss.

1×2 Corner Kick bet

Similar to European Handicap betting, the 1×2 Corner Kick bet is straightforward. Players have three choices: the number of corner kicks by the home team winning, a draw in corner kicks between both teams, or the number of corner kicks by the away team winning. The player's payout odds vary depending on their selection.

Odd/Even Corner Kick bet

Compared to the Over/Under Corner Kick bet, the Odd/Even Corner Kick bet is much simpler. With this bet, players only need to predict whether the total number of corner kicks in the match will be odd or even to place their wager. After the match ends, players will know whether they have won or lost the bet.

First Corner Kick

As the name suggests, the First Corner Kick bet requires players to predict and bet on which team will take the first corner kick in the match.

Last Corner Kick

In contrast to the First Corner Kick, players participating in the Last Corner Kick bet need to predict and place bets on which team will take the last corner kick in the match.

Next corner

With this bet type, players simply need to place a wager on the team that will receive the next corner kick in the match.

No Corner Kick

Apart from the mentioned bets, there's also the No Corner Kick bet, a type of bet offered by bookmakers to attract players with very high odds. However, matches with no corner kicks at all are extremely rare. Therefore, players need to be extremely cautious when betting on this type of Corner Kick bet.

How to Easily Win Corner Kick Betting for Bettors

According to betting experts, corner kick betting is a type of bet that isn't difficult, easy to play, and easy to win if players understand the following tips for soccer tips app

Understanding information about both teams

Not just corner kick bets, but for any wager, players need to thoroughly research information about both teams. This is considered a crucial factor in winning bets. Therefore, you should learn about their play style, tactics, defense, offense, key players, head-to-head history, current form, injury status, etc. With this information, predicting the number of corners and which team will take corners in the match becomes easier.

If there's a significant difference in form and strength in a match, where one team is clearly superior to the other, the likelihood of more corners increases. Conversely, in matches where two teams are evenly matched, there will likely be fewer corners.

Observing the playing style of both teams

When participating in corner kick bets, observe the playing styles of both teams closely. Teams that often use wing play tend to win more corners. Conversely, teams that play more centrally tend to have fewer corner opportunities.

For those choosing over/under corner bets, observe when the first corner kick occurs. If a corner kick happens before the 6th minute, it's likely that there will be many corner kicks in that match. If there haven't been any corner kicks after 10 minutes, the chances of a low number of corner kicks increase.

Reviewing previous encounter results

If two teams have previously played against each other, review the corner kick statistics from that match. This can help players imagine the play style and predict the likelihood of corner kicks for both teams.

Placing bets based on the end time of the match

In the final 10 minutes of a match, players often feel a sense of urgency to score. They may attempt to create corner situations for more goal-scoring opportunities. Consequently, this period tends to have more corner kicks.

Therefore, when engaging in this bet, players should avoid placing bets too early. It's better to observe the match situation first and then make more informed betting decisions after having spent time researching various aspects beforehand.

Some things bettors should know to secure their wins

To secure wins, players should also consider the following factors:

Regularly update odds to quickly adapt to fluctuations and make the most accurate betting decisions.

Avoid hastily placing bets without thoroughly researching both teams.

Seek advice and learn from the experiences of others in betting forums and groups.

Manage betting funds and time wisely to avoid excessive involvement in betting, neglecting health, work, and family.

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With the information provided, hopefully, you understand what corner kick betting is and how to effectively engage in this bet. If you have further questions, don't hesitate to join Wintips for betting right away!


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