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[S1E4] Dance Dance Revolution ((LINK))

Delia heads home to find Ramon drinking and also struggling, this time surrounding critiques for his show. As a distraction, he has Delia dance for him. Meanwhile, the hearing between June and her Mother go ahead but it seems like her Mother has the upper hand with her impassioned story.

[S1E4] Dance Dance Revolution

The Beltane ceremony officially begins. Beltane is an event honoring the union of the male and female witches together - their sexual energy being what makes them stronger and more powerful as a whole. The cadets are all dressed up in their best at the welcome dinner. Tally sees Gerit flirting with someone else and she goes to one of the Beltane leaders, Berryessa Tansey, for advice. Berryessa tells her to trust the dance because it knows her heart and that everything will work out the way it's supposed to. Abigail flirts with both Clive and Augustin.

The Beltane dance begins and Berryessa advises the students to let the music and flow guide them. When it ends, they can trust the dance to guide them. Everyone starts to dance with each other- even Alder and Witchfather. Gerit and Tally start to make out on the dance floor. Raelle walks off with her new friend, Byron, and Abigail goes off with Clive and Augustin.

Night falls over the camp, and the people of Camp Cool Kidz have now made the mess hall their base. Gwen is still engrossed in her trashy TV, David is sound asleep, and Quartermaster has been duct-taped to the wall. Preston chugs a bunch of soda, Nurf gives Dolph a wedgie, and Ered throws QM's hook hand into the wall, making it stick. She asks Nikki how the plans are coming along for her giant half-pipe, and Nikki unravels a blueprint (whose height and length are measured in "Dead Davids"), saying it'll be ready to be built once she learns basic architecture. Nerris and Harrison whine that they're tired of standing guard outside and ask to come in for a break, to which Ered obliges by saying everyone should have a break and a dance party begins, to the episode's ending theme song "Taste You Like Yogurt". Out in the woods, Space Kid and Neil are chanting in front of a fire, and a shirtless Max emerges from the shadows to call a plan of attack against Camp Cool Kidz. Neil, despite saying he's uncomfortable about being shirtless, goes along with this by revealing a couple of bombs he'd been planning to plant in David's underwear. Space Kid, being used as a decoy, uses the bombs to blow a hole in the side of the mess hall, and taunts his enemies to come after him. The campers give chase, and David is woken up in the commotion. All of the Cool Kidz fall into a large pitfall trap that was covered in leaves, save for Ered and Nikki.

Irwin challenges Lee to a hybrid dance off/math challenge, Lee wins Holger goes free, Irwin wins Holger goes free with a buzzcut. Lee accuses Irwin of the email again and Irwin confesses, Irwin shows Lee a photoshopped picture of himself and Lee that was edited together thus making it look like Lee was picking his nose, revealing himself to be IPFreely. Though Irwin wins via the distraction Holger goes free hair and all.

Lee apologizes for endangering Holger, but he's ok with it. Holger decides to join the math group realizing that they basically dance all day. Biffy calls Lee and informs him that Barrage is catching up with his cat who in turn is leading him back to the sub-basement. Picking up where the preview left off Lee has saved the cat and is hiding from Barrage. 041b061a72


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