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Mitchy Slick - Triggeration Station.rar


Mitchy Slick - Triggeration Station.rar

Triggeration Station is the debut album by American rapper Mitchy Slick, released on November 6, 2001 by Tha Wrongkind Entertainment and Presidential Entertainment. The album features guest appearances from Yukmouth, E-40, Guce, Don Diego, Cricet and others. The album was produced by Cricet, E-Low and E-Cay. The album sold 10,000 units out of the trunk and received positive reviews from fans of underground hip hop.

The album title refers to the state of mind of a gangster who is ready to pull the trigger at any moment. The album cover shows Mitchy Slick holding a gun and wearing a bandana with the words "Wrong Kind" on it. The album contains 19 tracks, including the singles "Yeah Dat", "Connected" and "Wrong Kind Anthem". The album also includes skits that depict the reality of life in the streets of San Diego.

Triggeration Station is considered a classic by many fans of West Coast gangsta rap and showcases Mitchy Slick's lyrical skills and storytelling abilities. The album is available for download on Bandcamp[^2^] and for purchase on Discogs[^1^]. You can also watch some of the music videos from the album on YouTube[^3^] [^4^].Mitchy Slick was born as Charles Mitchell on December 29, 1974 in San Diego, California. He grew up in the Lincoln Park area of Southeast San Diego, where he became affiliated with the Lincoln Park Bloods gang. He attended Prairie View A&M University in Texas for a brief period before returning to his hometown to pursue his rap career. He is also known as Tha Slicksta and the CEO of Wrongkind Records.

Mitchy Slick has been active in the rap scene since the late 1990s and has collaborated with many prominent artists such as Lil Wayne, The Game, E-40, Yukmouth, Nipsey Hussle, Nick Cannon and Talib Kweli. He is also a member of the rap group Strong Arm Steady, along with Phil Da Agony and Krondon. The group is signed to Blacksmith Records and has released several albums and mixtapes.

Mitchy Slick is known for his raw and authentic style of gangsta rap that reflects his life experiences in the streets of San Diego. He has also been involved in some controversies and legal issues, such as being featured on The History Channel's Gangland series about his gang affiliation and being arrested for kidnapping and assault in 2016. He was later released on bail and cleared of all charges.

Mitchy Slick is currently working on new music projects both as a solo artist and with Strong Arm Steady. He is also a father of three children and a mentor to young aspiring rappers in his community. He has a loyal fan base that supports his music and his movement.In a recent interview with Rapshack, Mitchy Slick talked about his rap career, his influences, his challenges and his goals. He said that he started rapping at a young age and was inspired by artists like Ice Cube, N.W.A, Too Short and Spice 1. He also said that he learned a lot from working with Xzibit and Talib Kweli, who helped him improve his craft and his business sense.

Mitchy Slick also addressed some of the difficulties he faced in the industry, such as being blackballed by some labels and radio stations, being misunderstood by some fans and critics, and being targeted by law enforcement. He said that he overcame these obstacles by staying true to himself, his music and his fans. He also said that he never compromised his integrity or his loyalty to his crew.

Mitchy Slick also shared some of his future plans, such as releasing more solo albums and mixtapes, working on a documentary about his life and his city, and expanding his brand and his label. He also said that he wants to give back to his community and inspire the next generation of rappers. He said that he is proud of his legacy and his impact on the rap game. a474f39169


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