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Birth - Anatomy Of Love And Sex (1981)

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Birth - Anatomy of Love and Sex (1981): A Controversial Documentary on Human Development

Birth - Anatomy of Love and Sex (1981) is a documentary film directed by Marcer Andersen that takes the viewer through the process of human development from conception to puberty. The film features real footage of sexual intercourse, fertilization, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and adolescent changes. The film also includes interviews with experts and young people who share their experiences and opinions on sexuality and reproduction.

The film was originally released in Denmark under the title "FÃdslen" (The Birth) and was later distributed internationally with the subtitle "Anatomy of Love and Sex". The film was controversial for its explicit and graphic depiction of human sexuality and biology, as well as its educational approach that aimed to inform and empower young people. The film received mixed reviews from critics and audiences, some praising it for its honesty and courage, others condemning it for its vulgarity and sensationalism.

The film is considered a rare and unique example of sex education in cinema, as it shows the reality of human development without censorship or moral judgment. The film is also a historical document that reflects the social and cultural attitudes towards sexuality and reproduction in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The film is still relevant today, as it raises important questions about how we understand and communicate about our bodies, our feelings, and our relationships.

If you are interested in watching Birth - Anatomy of Love and Sex (1981), you can find it online on various streaming platforms or purchase it on DVD. However, be aware that the film contains explicit and graphic images that may not be suitable for all viewers. The film is rated TV-14 in the US and has a runtime of 96 minutes.

Birth - Anatomy of Love and Sex (1981) is not the only film that has attempted to educate the public about human sexuality and reproduction. Since the early 20th century, sex education films have been produced and screened in various contexts and countries, with different goals and perspectives. Some of these films are listed below:

The Story of a Life (1914): This silent film, produced by the American Social Hygiene Association, was one of the first sex education films ever made. It shows the life of a young man who contracts syphilis from a prostitute and suffers the consequences of his infection. The film was intended to warn young men about the dangers of venereal diseases and promote moral behavior.

The Miracle of Life (1951): This animated film, produced by Walt Disney Studios, was commissioned by the Population Council to promote family planning in developing countries. It shows the process of conception, pregnancy, and childbirth in a simplified and cheerful way. The film was widely distributed and translated into several languages.

Sex Education for Children (1969): This Swedish film, directed by Lennart Ehrenborg, was one of the first films to show explicit images of sexual organs and activities to children. It explains the anatomy and function of male and female genitals, masturbation, intercourse, orgasm, contraception, and abortion. The film was controversial for its frankness and nudity, but also praised for its progressive and scientific approach.

Sex Ed: The Series (2009): This American web series, created by Tamara Landry, follows the lives of four high school students who enroll in an after-school sex education class taught by a quirky teacher. The series mixes comedy and drama to explore topics such as virginity, homosexuality, pregnancy, STDs, and relationships.

Blue Is the Warmest Color (2013): This French film, directed by Abdellatif Kechiche, is based on a graphic novel by Julie Maroh. It tells the story of a teenage girl who falls in love with a blue-haired woman and experiences a passionate and tumultuous relationship. The film features several explicit sex scenes th


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