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Fair, Geyer, and Okun's, Water and Wastewater Engineering: Water Supply and Wastewater Removal

Fair, Geyer, and Okun's, Water and Wastewater Engineering: Water Supply and Wastewater Removal

This book is based on the classic text by Fair, Greyer, and Okun, which has been completely revised and updated by Nazih K. Shammas and Lawrence K. Wang. It covers the principles and practices of water and wastewater engineering for municipal and industrial applications. It includes eight new chapters on topics such as surface water and groundwater sources, water hydraulics, water distribution systems, pumping storage and dual water systems, cross connection control, hydrology rainfall and runoff, wastewater collection systems, and wastewater pumping stations.

Fair, Geyer, And Okun's, Water And Wastewater Engineering: Water Supply And Wastewater Removal Nazih K. Shammas.epub

The book reflects current practice and standards in the field of water and wastewater engineering. It also provides access to an academic version of the commercial software Haestad Methods Water Solutions by Bentley, which can be used for modeling and designing water and wastewater systems. The book also includes homework problems at the end of each chapter to reinforce the concepts and skills learned.

The book is intended for undergraduate and graduate students of civil and environmental engineering, as well as practicing engineers and managers who are involved in water and wastewater projects. It is a comprehensive and authoritative reference that covers both the science and art of water and wastewater engineering.The book is divided into four parts: Part I covers water sources and quantities, Part II covers water hydraulics and distribution systems, Part III covers wastewater systems and quantities, and Part IV covers wastewater collection and pumping systems. Each part consists of several chapters that explain the theory and design of various components and processes involved in water and wastewater engineering.

Some of the topics covered in the book are:

  • Water quality standards and regulations

  • Surface water and groundwater hydrology

  • Water treatment processes and technologies

  • Water distribution network analysis and design

  • Pumping station design and operation

  • Dual water systems and reclaimed water use

  • Backflow prevention and cross connection control

  • Wastewater characteristics and sources

  • Wastewater treatment processes and technologies

  • Wastewater collection system analysis and design

  • Wastewater pumping station design and operation

  • Stormwater management and control

The book also includes several appendices that provide useful data and information for water and wastewater engineering, such as conversion factors, physical properties of water, pipe friction factors, pump performance curves, unit processes design data, wastewater treatment plant design criteria, and wastewater pumping station design criteria.The book is written in a clear and concise style, with numerous examples, figures, tables, and diagrams to illustrate the concepts and methods. The book also provides references to relevant literature and standards for further reading and consultation. The book is suitable for both classroom teaching and self-study, as well as for professional development and certification.

The book is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the fundamentals and applications of water and wastewater engineering. It is a comprehensive and up-to-date guide that covers the latest developments and innovations in the field. It is a must-have for students, instructors, engineers, managers, and planners who are involved in water and wastewater projects. 0efd9a6b88


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