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Effective Java 3rd Edition Epub Reader

Machine learning provides an exciting set of technologiesthat includes practical tools for analyzing data and makingpredictions but also powers the latest advances inartificial intelligence. We have written a book thatprovides a highly accessible introduction to the area butalso caters for readers who want to delve into the moremathematical techniques available in modern probabilisticmodeling and deep learningapproaches. ChrisPal hasjoined IanWitten, EibeFrank,and MarkHall for the fourth edition, and his expertise inprobabilistic models and deep learning has greatly extendedthe book's coverage. To make room for the new material, wenow provide an online appendix on the Weka software. It isan extended version of a brief description of Weka includedas an appendix in the book. The book continues to providereferences to Weka implementations of algorithms that itdescribes. The WekaMOOCs provide activities similar to the tutorialexercises in the 3rd edition. We now also provide information on othersoftware: the computational ecosystem for machine learninghas grown enormously since we have written the third editionin 2011. A table of contents for thefourth edition, indicating where we have added new material,can be found further down this page.

Effective Java 3rd Edition Epub Reader



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