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Ryan Cabrera Take It All Away Rar

Ryan Cabrera Take It All Away Rar :::

Ryan Cabrera Take It All Away Rar

It's been really frustrating seeing people lapping this up, for exactly the reasons you give (I think I agree almost 100% with everything you say here*) - the creative team seem to have been operating on the assumption that if they strip out every ounce of individuality or ingenuity, the mass market would love it, and it's annoying that they seem to have been right. I wish I could just blame it all on Kurtzman, and indeed Akiva Goldsman (because, let's face it, most of what's wrong with the world can be blamed on Alex Kurtzman and Akiva Goldsman), but Chabon got into bed with them, and it's going to take a lot of 'I had nothing to do with it I was being held hostage in the basement the whole time' leaks from Chabon to get me to trust him again. Not because the series was awful - I can respect awful! Awful usually requires ambition! - but because it was so painfully, offensively mediocre.Seriously, I find it hard to understand how the same person could be meaningfully creatively involved in creating both Kavalier and Clay and Picard. The former is so unique, so exploding with ambition and adventure, and the latter is... a bad, by-the-numbers, Mass Effect fan-fic where the names have been changed to make it fit into Star TrekParticularly frustrating because, as you say, the first few episodes made clear how much promise there was in this idea, and then the rest of the season did its level best to squander all that promise. It reminded me of what people used to say about sitcoms: you had to pitch them with a really unique, interesting premise, to stand out from all the other pitches, but that made them hard to write, so within a few episodes all the weird stuff in the pilot, that grabbed the attention of the studio, has been written out or ignored and it's the same as every other sitcom on the market. The first few episodes of Picard feel like "the show we have to pretend to be to get Sir Patrick to sign up", and then it transitions to "we couldn't actually think of any good ideas to fill our run-time, so we just bunged some clichés together to please the accountants". Bah humbug!*except about Elnor being a Romulan. Are we sure he's a Romulan I assumed I'd just blinked and missed the bit about the ship accidentally warping into middle-earth and picking up a stowaway elf. Was it previously established that Romulans are just Peter Jackson elves but evil 1e1e36bf2d


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