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Lex Libris: A Comprehensive Database of Philippine Laws

Lex Libris: A Comprehensive Database of Philippine Laws

Lex Libris is a series of CD-ROMs that contain the full text of Philippine laws, such as constitutions, statutes, presidential issuances, supreme court issuances, implementing rules and regulations, and treaties. It is produced by CD Asia, a leading provider of legal information solutions in the Philippines. Lex Libris aims to provide easy access and convenient research tools for lawyers, judges, law students, and anyone interested in Philippine law.

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One of the features of Lex Libris is the ability to search for keywords across different sources of law. For example, one can search for "human rights" and find relevant provisions in the constitution, statutes, executive orders, supreme court decisions, and international agreements. Lex Libris also allows users to bookmark, annotate, print, and export documents for further reference.

Lex Libris is available in different editions, such as the Philippine Law Encyclopedia, the Supreme Court E-Library, the Philippine Treaties Online, and the DOJ Opinions Online. Each edition covers a specific area or source of law and is updated regularly. Lex Libris can be purchased online or through authorized distributors nationwide.Lex Libris is not only a database of Philippine laws, but also a learning resource for legal education and practice. It contains commentaries, annotations, and case digests by experts and authorities in various fields of law. It also provides links to related materials, such as law journals, bar review materials, and online courses. Lex Libris helps users to understand the law and its applications in different contexts and scenarios.

Lex Libris is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems and can be accessed offline or online. Users can also sync their data and preferences across multiple devices using the Lex Libris Cloud service. Lex Libris offers technical support and customer service through phone, email, and chat. Users can also join the Lex Libris Community, a network of legal professionals and enthusiasts who share insights, tips, and feedback on Lex Libris and Philippine law in general.Lex Libris is more than just a legal database. It is a comprehensive and reliable source of Philippine law that can help users to research, study, and practice law with ease and confidence. Lex Libris is the ultimate legal companion for anyone who wants to learn more about the law and its implications in the Philippines.To order Lex Libris online, users can visit the CD Asia website and choose the edition they want. Users can pay through credit card, PayPal, or bank deposit. Users will receive a confirmation email with the download link and activation code for Lex Libris. Users can also request for a physical copy of Lex Libris to be delivered to their address for an additional fee.The download and installation time of Lex Libris depends on the edition and the internet speed of the user. Generally, it takes about 15 to 30 minutes to download and install Lex Libris. Users can follow the instructions on the CD Asia website or contact the technical support team for assistance. e0e6b7cb5c


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