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Alfred Winder
Alfred Winder

Spore Invisible Limbs Mod [HOT]

The player can also infuse their own body, granting different abilities to themselves. This includes the ability to breathe underwater, climb vertical walls, become invisible even with armor, regenerate health faster, or take less damage. There are also many other infusions which add different advantages.

spore invisible limbs mod

In fact, they're one of the few things in the game that don't attack the player. Instead, they continually spout the Hiss's signature incantation. A piece of field research about them theorizes that their purpose is to act like spores to help with the Hiss's corruption.

The Hiss Distorted entities have a very useful power in that they can turn invisible. The ability allows them to sneak up on Jesse before attacking. Fortunately, they're not able to strike while cloaked; therefore, there's always a chance to see their concussive blasts coming. Players don't usually get a long time to react though.


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