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The Best Best Of Fela Kuti Zipl 'LINK'


The Best Best Of Fela Kuti Zipl 'LINK'

The Best Best Of Fela Kuti: A Tribute To The Afrobeat Legend

Fela Kuti was a Nigerian musician, activist, and pioneer of Afrobeat, a genre that fuses traditional African rhythms, jazz, funk, and political lyrics. He was known for his charismatic performances, outspoken criticism of the Nigerian government and military, and his advocacy for human rights and social justice. He died in 1997 from complications of AIDS, but his legacy lives on through his music and his influence on generations of artists.

One of the best ways to appreciate Fela Kuti's music is to listen to his compilation album The Best Best Of Fela Kuti, which was released in 1999 by MCA Records and reissued in 2009 by Knitting Factory Records as The Best Of The Black President. The album features 13 of his most popular and powerful songs, spanning his entire career from 1972 to 1989. The songs are edited or reduced in length to fit the CD format, but they still capture the essence and energy of Fela's original recordings.

The album showcases Fela's musical genius and his ability to create catchy and complex grooves with his band, which included talented musicians such as drummer Tony Allen, saxophonist Lekan Animashaun, trumpeter Tunde Williams, and bassist Franco Aboddy. The album also highlights Fela's political and social commentary, which often challenged the corruption, oppression, violence, hypocrisy, and neocolonialism that plagued Nigeria and Africa. Some of his most famous songs on the album are "Lady", a critique of Western feminism; "Zombie", a mockery of the Nigerian army; "Sorrow Tears And Blood", a lament for the victims of the 1977 military raid on his commune; "Coffin For Head Of State", a protest against the murder of his mother by soldiers; and "I.T.T.", an attack on the multinational corporation International Telephone And Telegraph.

The Best Best Of Fela Kuti is not only a great introduction to Fela's music, but also a tribute to his life and legacy. It is a testament to his courage, creativity, and charisma, and a reminder of his vision for a better world. As he once said, "Music is the weapon of the future".

Fela Kuti's legacy is not only musical, but also cultural and political. He inspired many artists and activists across Africa and beyond, who admired his courage, creativity, and charisma. He also founded a communal compound in Lagos, which he declared as the independent Kalakuta Republic, where he lived with his family, band members, and followers. He also established his own political party, the Movement of the People, and ran for president of Nigeria in 1979 and 1983.

Some of the artists who have been influenced by Fela Kuti include his sons Femi and Seun Kuti, who continue to perform Afrobeat with their own bands; Antibalas, a Brooklyn-based collective that has collaborated with artists such as David Byrne and TV on the Radio; Tony Allen, Fela's longtime drummer who has worked with Damon Albarn and Brian Eno; and Burna Boy, a Nigerian superstar who won a Grammy for his album Twice as Tall, which features a song dedicated to Fela.

Fela Kuti's music and message have also been celebrated in various forms of media and art. In 2009, a Broadway musical based on his life, Fela!, premiered to critical acclaim and won three Tony Awards. In 2014, a documentary film directed by Alex Gibney, Finding Fela, explored his life and legacy through interviews and archival footage. In 2017, a giant mural of Fela was unveiled in Lagos to mark his 79th birthday. And in 2021, Netflix announced that it will produce a series based on his life story.

Fela Kuti was a visionary artist who used his music as a weapon of resistance and a tool of empowerment. He challenged the status quo and spoke truth to power with passion and humor. He left behind a rich and diverse body of work that continues to resonate with people around the world. He was truly the best of the best. 248dff8e21


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