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Codemasters saved the best for last, and fans of rally, off-road, dirt, simulation and arcade will find something to enjoy about Dirt 5. That level of enjoyment will be extremely high for the majority of those who take the plunge.

With hardboiled rally enthusiasts and sim junkies currently well-served by the stern and serious spin-off Dirt Rally 2.0, Codemasters has swerved to reshape its main off-road series into a sort of Driveclub on dirt; Dirt 5 is an accessible and rowdy racer that\u2019s easy on the eye and fun to pick up and play, even if it\u2019s ultimately a shade on the shallow side relative to what I\u2019ve come to expect from these games.

The Dirt series looks better than it ever has with the introduction of Dirt 5, and it frankly may be one of the prettiest racing games I've ever played. Each environment and vehicle is beautifully rendered and its amazing to see cars realistically kick up dirt, mud, and snow as they plow through each track. The weather patterns as well look terrific with rain and snow falling from the sky and realistically making it more difficult to see as you race against your opponents. The really nice thing is that you are also given the option of choosing between sharper image quality or a more consistent frame rate, and both have some impressive advantages. 59ce067264


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