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Lethal Lipps ^HOT^

This week Weezy and Mandi sit down the legendary pornstar Lethal Lipps!Listen on this hilarious convo as we ask Lethal why she chose to do porn, what her family thinks about her job, her definition of the perfect d**k, sex tips and MORE!You can follow our guest Lethal Lips on Instagram @thereal.lethallippsMany thanks to this week's sponsorsOpening Credits:Drizz - I need love @Hushmoney_Ent on IGMr_Rockstar on SoundcloudMoney on the Hush on YouTube39:32"We Will Name This Podcast Later" on Apple/Google Play podcastsA male and female perspective with Jessica and Jimmy1 hour of laughs, sports, news, and fun facts!Jessica - @gorjess_86 - IGJimmy @mister225 IG, twitter,snap

lethal lipps

The pharmacological substances adenosine deaminase (ADA), histamine, and IgE are endogenously present in animals. They are implicated in allergy and asthma and detectable in blood serum. This research reports the presence of ADA, histamine, and IgE at varying levels in almost all major organs of mice. This research further reports that intramuscular injection of sub-lethal dose of Naja kaouthia venom disrupted homeostasis and lowered the levels of ADA, histamine, and IgE in the organs of mice. Adult Balb/C male mice were injected with a half lethal dose of the venom. The mice were sacrificed at 2, 8, and 24 hours post-injection and different organs were collected. Organs were homogenized, centrifuged, and the supernatants were assayed for ADA, histamine, and IgE using respective antisera by immunological test enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). Organs from mice injected with PBS served as controls. No major decrease in the levels of ADA, histamine, and IgE was observed after 2 hours of venom injection. However, tremendous decreases in the levels of ADA, histamine, and IgE was observed in organs 24 h post-injection. The highest decrease for ADA was observed in the brain, liver, lung, muscle, and testis; for histamine, in the heart, muscle, lung, and testis; and for IgE, in the bone, heart, lung, muscle, and testis. This is a first-hand investigation showing the effect of envenomation on the pharmacokinetics of ADA, histamine, and IgE in organs. 041b061a72


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