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Mafia 4 confirmed by 2K Games, set in a new era of organized crime

Great news for Mafia fans! According to a recent interview with general manager Roman Hladík on, a new Mafia game is currently in development, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the original Mafia game.

mafia 4

In another job listing for a Senior Systems Designer, Hangar 13 is looking for someone with experience in AAA titles, multiplayer games, and live game design. This strongly suggests that Mafia 4 will feature a multiplayer mode, which would be a first for the franchise. Imagine taking on the mafia with your friends, how cool would that be?

As briefly mentioned above, some of our gameplay elements are in line with the basics of a normal mafia game. However, we are also adding some interesting gameplay mechanics to provide an overall fun and unique experience to our players, both for veterans and newcomers alike. Here are some details about the gameplay mechanics of The 'Shroom Mafia 4:

Each game in the Mafia series allows the player to take on the role of a criminal in a large city, typically an individual who plans to rise through the ranks of organised crime. The player character is given various missions by friends and mafia figures in the city underworld which must be completed to progress through the storyline.

Undercover reporters pose as criminals with up to 1.2 billion dollars of black money that needs to be cleaned. The team is led by a fictitious Mr Stanley, a Chinese gangster with links to the Triads. His undercover reporters befriend members of rival gold mafias.

This is how to play mafia, a fun and energetic party game. The guide on How to Play Mafia (currently the only Mafia guide on Instructables besides this one) is actually a more physical variation of the game. This guide will show you:

Hello everybody! I want to thank everybody for using this guide as a foundation for their mafia games. The last time I updated this guide was in 2018, but I unfortunately have been busy with school and work. This meant that it was difficult for me to reply to comments and questions. I thank the community for filling that role for me. I recently graduated college, and have actually found a job in teaching. I am aware that the grammar and instructions could have been more precise, so I might plan to rewrite this guide. Hopefully it is easier to follow and readable. See y'all in the future.

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Before we get to the rules, things will be easier to explain through the setup. There are two setups, which are really whether or not you have cards. To begin setup, follow the below instructions:You need at least 4 people to play, although it is more fun with 8 or more. 1 person, not included in the 4 of the minimum group will be the mayor, who directs the game as it goes, and has control over the powers in the group. For every 4 people, there is one mafia. Example: if there are 8 people in your game, there are now two mafiaIn a round there are also doctors and sheriffs, which we will later discuss under circumstances, but for now we'll have one of each. For this tutorial, we'll be playing with a group of 8, including 2 mafia, 1 doctor and 1 sheriff, meaning that 4 will be civiliansSetup #1:This is with a deck of cards. Aces are your MafiaQueens are your doctors andKings are your Sheriffs All other cards (2 thru J) are civilians In our case, prepare two aces, 1 Q, 1 K and 4 other cards besides the listed. The mayor will hand each player a card face down to each player. These cards will not be revealed to other players during the game. Setup #2: This is without cards.Instead, we'll be using taps, so it is up to the mayor to remember how many people he picked and which character he assigned. Everybody will close their eyes and the mayor will walk around to assign roles. If the mayor taps you once, you are mafia. Twice is doctor Three times is sheriffAnd if you don't get tapped you're a civilian(More simple setup; the mayor should make sure not to choose extra characters or mistakenly bump into other players)

Now that we have the setup out of our way, it is now time to explain the rules. Roles (basic and later explained through gameplay):Mayor- is not an actual player in the game but rather the narrator; he has complete power over the group except the power to veto votes. He/she will assign the roles, tell when each role to wake up and sleep, create a story and sanction votes. It's this person's job to keep the game grounded and to keep the players reasonable. The mayor must remain unbiased throughout the game. Mafia-Will kill other players and try to convince other players who the mafia is without revealing themselvesDoctor-can save himself (look under "Circumstances") and can save othersSheriff-points at any other player and the mayor can either nod or shake their head of the person is mafia or not; uses his or her power to sway public opinion Civilian- the most basic role, who votes and tries to figure out the mafias and vote them offObviously you don't want to reveal your roles of you have an important one but rather convince others you are a civilian. Rules:Mayor has the right to silence the group or restart the game completely.Mafia can only choose one target per round (2 mafia vote on 1 target)Revealing your card (if you are playing with cards) is cheating. Opening your eyes when it is not permitted is cheating.

IMPORTANT: In real life, the dead can not speak. Common saying of course. So in the game, the dead are not allowed to influence the town through speech or physical gestures. It is cheating. (They can talk, but any hinting at a mafia should get them kicked from the next round or game.)

Example: Mayor says "last night, the mafia was angry at somebody who was stealing his money, so he killed person (A), the doctor saved the wrong person." OR "last night... Mafia killed person (A) but doctor saved him." (A certain aspect to the game will change with skulls later explained)

8: The mayor: if a person has died at the hand of the Mafia, take their card without showing anyone (If you are playing cards. Note: Anybody killed by the mafia will most likely be a civilian, but you take their card regardless. They are not allowed to reveal their role.)

9: The mayor allows the towns people to discuss who the mafia might be (Allow 3 to 5 minutes).The mayor then calls for a vote (here any civilian or player can make a claim against any suspicious person.) Only two people can be nominated for prosecution (Allow 2 minutes for nominations). The mayor then allows the prosecuted to defend themselves, then a vote happens (Allow another 2 minutes for votes).

Mafia Win= Killing off everyone until you can't play anymore. Example: There were 8 people in the game with 2 mafia, and the mafia kills 4 people, so there are 2 mafia and 2 other players. The two other players maybe able to vote off one of the mafia, but in the next round, one of the normal players will be killed, meaning the last 2 players are 1 mafia and 1 normal person, so you can't win a 1v1 against mafia.

The doctor: This class seems overpowered, no? Why not save yourself every round so you can figure out the mafia yourself? Those are the motives that most doctors will have, and they will barely make good doctors. The circumstance here is allowing for the doctor to save himself, every other round, so that his role doesn't not become unbalanced. Not necessarily a rule.

Circumstance 2: If you are the mayor, and you forget what happened in the round you've just completed, you can start the round again. Example: Say Mafia decide to kill person A, but you forgot who person A is. Simply get the mafia to get back up when everyone is asleep and ask them who they wanted to kill.

Reveal Yourself! Skull: The only time the mayor asks if somebody "if they are mafia or not" is when that person is voted off, not killed by mafia. Activating this skull allows for the other roles to reveal themselves when they normally couldn't. Example: When the doctor gets voted off, he/she can now say they were the doctor. (This skull cannot be activated at the same time as the Nobody Knows skull.)

Nobody Knows skull: Activating this skull means that when a person is voted off, they will not state whether or not they were mafia, so it's more difficult to find out if there is still more than one mafia out there.

You Saved Me! skull: Activating this allows for a doctor not to be targeted by the mafia for 3 rounds if they successfully save a victim, including themselves. Example: If you were doctor, and saved person A, and the next round mafia tries to kill you, the mayor will announce in the recap that you were a victim, but the doctor saved you, even though you may have not saved yourself. (This skull only works once per game)

-Some people can't help smiling if you ask them if they are a civilian or mafia, so don't just go on the assumption they are lying to you. I had a friend who had a suspicious smile all the time, even though he was just a civilian.

-Don't underestimate your opponents. In a game of 12 people, we had 3 mafia, a doctor and sheriff, and seven civilians. By round 3, 2 mafia had died along with two civilians, and one civilian was saved. The one mafia left was me, so I pulled my trump card: my psychological attacks. I turned everybody against each other, and acted as their moderator. By the last round, it was two civilians and me, meaning that if either of them died, I won. I finally used my "I helped you clause" which entails "Don't you remember that he tried to vote you off two rounds ago, and I helped saved you? Why would I have reason to kill you now?" That always gets them. In the end, I single handedly defeated 7 other players, whose reactions were: Dear God, who is this kid? But really, don't underestimate the younger people of your group, or the silent, or the over talkative.


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