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[S9E15] The Missing Kink

Stan finally catches her tossing Steve's bicycle through the front window and decides to banish Francine to the woods as per a fake verse in his Bible as punishment. After two days in the woods, Stan returns but finds Francine is unrepentant and accuses Stan of being repressed. She refuses to leave until Stan opens up a bit. Later with Roger, Stan continues to call her a deviant and Roger convinces him to open up with a musical number, although Stan finds he wants to embrace every kink known to Roger's dread. Stan finds Francine and surprises her with a spanking and an openness to try new things, although even Francine gets reservations when Stan gets too weird. At home, Francine finds that Stan has arranged an audience while they make kinky love. Francine goes to Roger and admits she created a monster.

[S9E15] The Missing Kink

It was frustrating that Theo even considered a point where he wouldn't work with the police. No way on earth he would've gotten Mak back without them, but it's also insane that he didn't consider he'd be the first person they would come to when she went missing.

The episode begins with Red (James Spader) entering Andrew's apartment to find his roommate, Marcus, alone. Marcus is startled by Red and doesn't know where Andrew (Joe Carroll) is because he's been missing for several weeks. We then see Andrew in a safe house guarded by federal agents.

Oliver returned again when Clark went missing after the Fortress of Solitude collapsed. Oliver found Clark in Russia and rescued him, as he was now powerless. Oliver stayed in Metropolis when his identity was compromised and he was forced to temporarily give up his Green Arrow persona.

Clark heard from Chloe that Oliver has gone missing while on patrol and found John Jones at the scene of where Ollie was last seen. Oliver later returned on his own to Watchtower to find Clark and Chloe relieved to see him. He told them that he was captured by an agency called Checkmate and that he managed to escape before they could reveal his identity. The three worked together to figure out the agency's motives and Chloe discovered that Checkmate was behind the murders of the JSA members done by Icicle and that Clark and Oliver should be careful. Clark later interrupted a fight between Tess and Oliver where Oliver told Clark that Tess now knows his identity. Clark took Tess away to get information regarding Checkmate after guessing that she was a member of the organization. Tess told Clark that Oliver wasn't their real target, it was actually Chloe as Watchtower. Clark managed to save Chloe when Oliver turned off the power to Checkmate's headquarters. John Jones then erased the memories of Clark's, Oliver's and Chloe's identities from the boss of Checkmate Amanda Waller 's memory and later told Clark that their identities were now safe.

Oliver was called to Watchtower by Clark and Emil much to his surprise when he's been in a self-imposed exile from it order to protect its secrecy now that the public knew that he's Green Arrow. They discussed matter regarding the VRA and the Suicide Squad. Oliver believed that the VRA had gone too far and that maybe Rick Flagg was right in his actions. Clark revealed they thought Arthur Curry was behind the destruction of an oil rig which Oliver admitted was possible. Both Clark and Oliver shared their frustration over the lack of communication between other heroes now that people are being more conservative with their secrets. Clark explained that the VRA was attracting a lot of attention and that people looked at the heroes who won't sign up with distrust with Aquaman now feeding the fear about heroes by blowing up the oil rig. Clark told Oliver that he's given consideration to going public and registering to relieve public tension. Oliver said that Clark doesn't need to risk his identity when Oliver has already gone forward and decided to offer himself up as the guinea pig to figure out what happens to the heroes after they sign up. Oliver later goes missing and Clark and AC decide to find him and bring him back. They discovered that he was taken to a military base in Alaska by Slade Wilson. After they eventually rescued Oliver, Clark called Oliver back to Watchtower once more. Clark informed him along with Lois and Tess who are also there about the coming darkness, how it got to Earth, as well as how it's using people like Gordon Godfrey, Slade, as well as others. Clark explained it's like a flood of evil spreading over the Earth and that it feeds on a person's inner doubts and distrust. Oliver commented it might be on the winning side and Clark explained that he saw the Omega brand on Slade and believed it to be a mark of corruption. Clark also stated that if they can't stop it, the darkness will infect the whole planet.

Oliver and Clark met up at Watchtower when Chloe went missing. They investigated and discovered that she had been abducted by Desaad, an agent of the darkness. Oliver insisted on going to rescue but Clark would not let him, saying that is was too dangerous for him to go given his current emotional state, so Clark left alone. Clark managed to rescue Chloe but was attacked by Desaad, giving him time to escape. Oliver confronted Desaad and viciously beat him, believing him to have murdered Chloe, but was stopped by Clark who told Oliver that Chloe was alive and safe. 041b061a72


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