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Radio Mod New Vegas

  • RadioGenderVariousRaceRadiation King Model 5S219FamilyRadio King (leader; formerly)

  • Radio Commander (leader)

  • Doctor GarbageCan (associate)

  • Business Radroaches

  • Rocket Hobos (possibly)

  • EnemiesAlChestBreach

  • Steve

  • Janet

  • Jerry McGhoulBerry

  • Mister Cuddlesworth

  • Captain Ballarms

StatusActiveRadios are a type of device used by the Business Radroaches to presumably brainwash unsuspecting wastelanders all across the Mojave Wasteland. As shown in the video Fallout New Vegas Montages: The Return of Janet!, they also allow communication between the Business Radroaches, and due to either some sort of voice-hiding module or simply a language difference, it is potentially impossible to tell whether or not a Business Radroach is using a radio. This is because the radios produce simple static when they are in use by Radroaches. It is speculated that jukeboxes are a much more advanced type of Radios allowing for even more dastardly deeds. In addition, Radiohead operatives are the footsoldiers of the Radio Army, and are oftentimes the product of cynbernetic augmentation between a sentient Radio an a sapient organism or robot.

Radio Mod New Vegas

Preceding the events of Fallout New Vegas Mods: Can You Trust A Radio?!, the radios were led by the nefarious and dastardly entity known as the Radio King, a malevolent crimelord who overtook the New California Republic Correctional Facility, transforming it into a radio fortress, where he oversaw operations. Following Al's successful infiltration of the fortress, the two eventually confronted one another, the Radio King revealing it's true form, Al's worst fear; a giant cazador. Al defeated the villain and, for a period of time, the radios were thought to be defunct. It wasn't until New Vegas Mods: The Breach War - Part 2 that Al realized this to be untrue.

Following the Radio King's demise, his power was succeeded by the Radio Commander, who had launched the full-scale attack in New Vegas Mods: Tribes of Red Rock - Part 1. Al crossed the battlefields and made his way into a sewer-vault, where the Radio Commander awaited him in the Overseer's office. Al was surrounded. The Radio Commander in front of him, rapid-fire engaged, and radio-possessed doppelgangers of each of his companions closing in from every direction. Al managed to defy all odds and bring down the Commander, winning the war.

The Radios were originally created by the NCR as a form of surveillance device. The project was a success, managing to find and capture many Legion soldiers thanks to the info they gathered. But after Al began his crusade against the Radios, the NCR began project "R4-A1" which would allow the Radios to emit sound waves that would harm anyone or anything that would damage them. They even began to give the radios Artificial Intelligence, so that the NCR could give orders to them. However, the radios did not attack at first due to a malfunction and as a result the NCR increased their aggression settings. But soon the Radios became self aware, with one even being able to extract data from the facility they were built in. The same radio that extracted data soon went rogue, and managed to kill all of the NCR personnel. The Radios soon decided to declare war on Al, as a means of revenge for killing his kind.

Al goes out of his way to destroy jukeboxes and radios whenever he encounters them. A lot of the time he injures and sometimes even kills NPC's because of the explosions they produce upon destruction. Jukeboxes detonate in a much more violent and shrapnel-filled explosion, and take a good amount of seconds before they actually blow up.It is unknown how these horrifying, draconian inventions made their way all across the wasteland, but we can assume a wizard did it.

In Fallout New Vegas Mods: Can You Trust A Radio?!, Al confronted and killed the twisted leader of the radios, named the Radio King, after murdering many radios disguised as humans over at the recently captured NCR Correctional Facility. It was also revealed that radios are capable of metamorphosing into humans capable of fighting.

In Fallout New Vegas Montages - The Return of Ballarms, sometime after Ballarms was sent back in time to DC with Al's son, the radios captured the two and brought them to a secret facility in the Dry Canyon. After wiping Ballarms' memory, the radios put him in multiple simulations in order to convince him and Al's son to help the radio, however Ballarms resisted every attempt. After 49 simulations, the Radios decide to have Ballarms and Al's son put to death, until Al's son breaks free of his confinement, rescues Ballarms, and escapes the facility with him. The radios and the facility were both destroyed by a dynamite bundle set by the escapees.

This is sort of a two part question, so bear with me. I've got Radio volume turned up all the way in the settings, but the music playing over the Mojave Music and New Vegas radio stations is still pretty quiet. In glaring contrast, Mr. New Vegas himself (you look beautiful today, by the way) is very loud.

While the Mojave Music radio station doesn't have a host to blast your ears, it'd be a shame to have to limit your listening options to just that station. It seems that there are two ways to fix this. The best way, in my opinion, is to utilize a game mod which does the work for you. If you're the do-it-yourself type or if the mod doesn't do what you want, you may have to get yourself a sound file editor and increase the volume of the tracks by hand. Outside of those options, there are plenty more radio mods which add new stations with more music tracks. Good luck!

This is an easy pseudo-side quest to undertake. When you speak with the proprietor of the Prospector Saloon at the end of the proper side quest known as By a Campfire on the Trail, you'll eventually learn about a broken radio in the bar that was broken during an earlier altercation. This will add a note to your inventory, letting you know that the radio can be fixed. You can find the radio sitting on the counter behind the bar. Examine it to fix it, which will happen automatically as long as your Repair skill is at least a 20. If it is, the radio will be fixed. Then, all you have to do is speak with Trudy to earn fifty caps for your trouble. Nice!

Available through NexusMods, The Enclave includes a five-part series main quest, four side-quests, a potential companion, random encounters, a radio station and more. Players must be at least level 15 and have interacted with Benny from the game's main questline to access the additional content.

I had heard about a mod recently released on pc that restored deleted dialogue of the radio station called lone wolf radio. Seeing how it was abandoned throughout the entirety of the fallout new vegas. I decided to install it.

Dwelling deeper into the game as usual with new vegas, I didn't change the radio station. It soon hit night, and I heard a voice. Which at first made me jump, forgetting that I had left the radio tuned to lone wolf. The radio host would ramble on, and on about how life wasn't worth living, and especially how the young children shouldn't have to suffer living out there in the Mojave. Suddenly the man stopped, and it reverted back to static.

An absurdly highly rated mod, it's clear that a ton of work went into Old World Radio Boston. With a ton of radio stations, there's old timey broadcasts about radiation and high quality voice acting for various new programs in addition to a bunch of added music above and beyond what's included in the vanilla game. Some completely match the theme of the game, and others are just bizarre... like "Pee-Wee's Playlist."

Not just an entirely new radio station added to the game with a custom voiced host, WRVR also includes a new companion in the form of DJ Casey Kessler. In keeping with the lore of the game, songs are very old timey and deal with the local area of the Commonwealth.

Another mega pack of new tracks, "More Where That Came From" adds in more than 100 lore-friendly, thematically appropriate songs to Diamond City Radio. In order to avoid problems with the radio announcer discussing songs that aren't being played when new tracks come on, it also disables Travis' audio segments talking before and after any given song.

This pre-war radio channel is chock full of hilarious ads and public service announcements for lore-friendly products found across Fallout 4, in addition to the Tales From The Commonwealth custom quest line.

There you have it -- seven new radio mods that will drastically expand your listening options while searching for Shaun, building new robotic companions, and taking over Nuka World! What's your favorite new radio station, and what other radio mods should we try out next?

This mod lets you create your own radio station with up to a 500 song capacity. In addition it is required in order to use other custom radio stations that you can find on nexus.33 Spooky Vegas Radio Created By The Flummox Download Link Nexus Mods Image Source: Nexus Mods

New California Republic Radio 440 (NCRR440), also known as New California Republic Radio (NCRPR) or Radio Free NCR,[1] is a publicly-funded AM radio station, hosted by Roger Moore, that broadcasts current events in the Republic and music for citizens of the NCR.


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