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7 : The Crumbling Academy

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7 : The Crumbling Academy

However, despite tremendous needs, many of our schools lack the funds to renovate or modernize their obsolete and crumbling facilities. The State of Our Schools 2016 report documents a $38-billion-per-year shortfall on capital investments for public school construction and an additional $8-billion gap in maintenance and operations spending (Filardo, 2016). This spending gap has worsened in recent years. States and localities cut capital spending for elementary and secondary schools nationally by nearly $21 billion, or 26%, between fiscal years 2008 and 2016, after adjusting for inflation (Leachman, 2018).

Ellington school officials said that levels of the mineral pyrrhotite in a 2002 addition are consistent with those that have caused issued with crumbling foundations in the area. They stressed that there's no immediate safety concerns.

Dana Carter, one of the organizers, mentioned that dozens of Black-majority schools in Philadelphia were forced to close their doors in the last decade. City Councilwoman Kendra Brooks decried the crumbling school buildings in Philadelphia. Carcinogenic, loose asbestos fibers have been found in many District schools in the last few years. Other building issues include lead in water fountains and collapsing ceilings, which Brooks said disproportionately impacts students of color.

Voters in Montclair voted decisively to pass a $188 million bond to fix Montclair's crumbling school infrastructure. The unofficial tally was 10,837 to 2,067 with 92.6% of the districts reporting, according the the Essex County Clerk. Voter turnout was 28.36%.

A strong education system is critical to maintaining America's economic edge in the 21st century. Investing in our public schools is key to ensuring these opportunities are available to every child in America, no matter their socio-economic background, race, or gender. As the son of a former Dallas public school teacher, Congressman Allred will strongly support funding for our public schools, making sure that schools and their teachers are well equipped to prepare our students for the future. This includes rebuilding crumbling schools and establishing universal pre-k so that every child, no matter where they live can get a good start on their education and parents get much needed relief in child-care.

In the wake of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, both its people and its economy are suffering. The Afghan Central Bank cannot replace its paper currency, and as a result, Afghani bills are crumbling along with the economy.

Afghanistan has become a cash-only economy. However, that cash currency is literally crumbling. Before the Taliban took over, Afghan leaders had a deal with a Polish company that printed their money. Sanctions imposed after the takeover have made getting that money impossible. 781b155fdc


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