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ProjectSAM \\u2013 Swing! V1.2 (KONTAKT) !!LINK!!


ProjectSAM â Swing! V1.2 (KONTAKT): A Review of the Jazz and Film Scoring Library

If you are looking for a library that combines the worlds of jazz and film scoring, you might want to check out ProjectSAM â Swing! V1.2 (KONTAKT). This library offers you an incredibly diverse collection of lively big band ensembles, groovy rhythm section and jazzy lead instruments that will spice up your music production.

In this article, we will review the features, instruments and sound quality of ProjectSAM â Swing! V1.2 (KONTAKT) and show you why it is a creative tool that sparks joy.

Features of ProjectSAM â Swing! V1.2 (KONTAKT)

ProjectSAM â Swing! V1.2 (KONTAKT) is a library that works with the free Kontakt Player and supports the Native Kontrol Standard, which means full integration with Native Instruments hardware and software. It has a size of 17.2 GB and requires Kontakt 5.5.1 or above.

The library contains over 35 instruments, divided into four categories: lead instruments, big band ensemble, sax section and rhythm section. Each instrument has its own interface with various articulations, effects and settings that you can tweak to your liking.

The library also includes tempo sync grooves and fills for jazz drums, guitars and ukelele, as well as inspiring multis that combine different instruments for instant inspiration.

One of the highlights of ProjectSAM â Swing! V1.2 (KONTAKT) is the big band ensemble, which features tutti, unison, wide octaves, chords and gestures articulations that sound smooth and realistic. You can also use the brass and sax ensembles separately or together for more flexibility.

The lead instruments are also very expressive and include legato instruments such as big band legato, trumpet harmon legato and nylon guitar, as well as solo instruments such as accordion, harmonica, toy piano and whistle ensemble.

The rhythm section is composed of jazz drums played with brushes, double bass, Fender Precision bass, strum chords for manouche guitar, nylon guitar and ukelele, as well as lap steel, pedal steel and low ensemble instruments.

Sound Quality of ProjectSAM â Swing! V1.2 (KONTAKT)

ProjectSAM â Swing! V1.2 (KONTAKT) has a superb sound quality that reflects the high standards of ProjectSAM's previous libraries such as Symphobia and Orchestral Essentials. The instruments were recorded in two different locations: a concert hall and a smaller studio environment, using three or two mic sets respectively. You can easily output route the mic channels to your liking or use the pre-mixed output for convenience.

The instruments sound lively, warm and dynamic, with a lot of character and nuance. The big band ensemble sounds especially impressive, with a rich and full sound that can create a cinematic atmosphere or a playful mood. The lead instruments are also very detailed and expressive, with realistic legato transitions and vibrato control.

The rhythm section adds a lot of groove and swing to your music, with authentic jazz drums played with brushes, smooth bass lines and catchy guitar strums. The lap steel and pedal steel instruments add some country flavor to your music, while the low ensemble instruments add some depth and weight.


ProjectSAM â Swing! V1.2 (KONTAKT) is a library that offers you an incredibly diverse collection of sounds that blend together marvellously. Whether you write music for film, animation, games or advertisements, Swing! will undoubtedly lighten up your working day.

The library has a superb sound quality, a user-friendly interface and a lot of creative possibilities. It is a fun and inspiring library to work with that will nudge your music into surprising new directions.

If you are interested in ProjectSAM â Swing! V1.2 (KONTAKT), you can buy it now for US$329 from ProjectSAM's website[^1^] or from other online retailers[^2^] aa16f39245


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