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Tales Of Rebirth Psp English Patch


Tales Of Rebirth Psp English Patch

Tales of Rebirth PSP English Patch: How to Play the Hidden Gem of the Tales Series

Tales of Rebirth is a role-playing game developed by Namco Tales Studio and published by Namco for the PlayStation 2 in 2004. It is the sixth main entry in the Tales series, and one of the few that has never been officially localized in English. However, thanks to the efforts of some dedicated fans, there is a way to play this game in English on your PSP or Android/iOS device.

In this article, we will show you how to download and apply the Tales of Rebirth PSP English Patch v0.5, which translates most of the menus, items, skills, and battle dialogue of the game. We will also give you some background information on the game's story, gameplay, and features.

What is Tales of Rebirth

Tales of Rebirth is set in a world where two races coexist: the Huma, who resemble humans, and the Gajuma, who have animal-like features. The game's protagonist is Veigue Lungberg, a Huma boy who lives in a remote village with his childhood friend Claire Bennett. One day, a mysterious phenomenon called the Force causes Claire to be frozen in ice, and Veigue vows to find a way to free her.

Along his journey, he meets other characters who join his party, such as Mao, a young Gajuma with amnesia; Eugene Gallardo, a former general of the kingdom of Calegia; Annie Barrs, a Huma girl who is searching for her missing brother; Tytree Crowe, a cheerful Gajuma carpenter; and Hilda Rhambling, a mysterious woman who can manipulate emotions. Together, they face the threat of the King of Calegia, who plans to use the Force to create a new world order.

Tales of Rebirth features a real-time battle system called the Three-Line Linear Motion Battle System (TL-LMBS), which allows the player to switch between three lines on the battlefield: front, middle, and back. The player can also use various skills and spells called Artes, which consume TP (Technical Points). Each character has a unique Force that grants them special abilities in battle, such as Veigue's Freeze Force that can freeze enemies or Mao's Fire Force that can burn them.

The game also has a relationship system called Trust & Relation (T&R), which affects how the characters interact with each other during skits and events. The player can increase or decrease the T&R level of each character by choosing different dialogue options or giving them gifts. Depending on the T&R level, the characters may unlock new Artes or support each other in battle.

How to Download and Apply the Tales of Rebirth PSP English Patch v0.5

The Tales of Rebirth PSP English Patch v0.5 is a fan-made translation project that was released in 2021 by dawnbomb and his team. It is based on the PSP port of Tales of Rebirth, which was released in 2008 and added some extra content such as new costumes and mini-games. The patch translates most of the menus, items, skills, and battle dialogue of the game, but not the story dialogue or skits.

To play Tales of Rebirth PSP English Patch v0.5, you will need:

A PSP console or an emulator such as PPSSPP for Android/iOS/PC

A copy of Tales of Rebirth PSP ISO (Japanese version)

The Tales of Rebirth PSP English Patch v0.5 files (available on dawnbomb's website)

A program to apply patches such as xdeltaUI for PC or UniPatcher for Android

Here are the steps to apply the patch:

Download and extract the Tales of Rebirth PSP English Patch v0.5 files on your device

Download and extract xdeltaUI or UniPatcher on your device

Open xdeltaUI or UniPatcher and select "Apply patch"

Select "Tales_of_Rebirth_English_Patch_v0_5.xdelta" as the patch file

Select your Tales of Rebirth PSP 061ffe29dd


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