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DevExpress 122: A Powerful Suite of UI Controls and Components for .NET Developers

DevExpress 122: A Powerful Suite of UI Controls and Components for .NET Developers

DevExpress is a leading provider of UI controls and components for .NET developers. Whether you are building desktop, web, or mobile applications, DevExpress has a solution for you. In this article, we will explore some of the features and benefits of DevExpress 122, the latest version of their flagship product.

What is DevExpress 122?

DevExpress 122 is a comprehensive package that includes over 600 UI controls, a reporting platform, a dashboard, a framework for cross-platform application development, a code editor, and more. DevExpress 122 supports .NET 7, the latest version of Microsoft's development platform, as well as popular web frameworks such as jQuery, Angular, React, and Vue. DevExpress 122 also offers free UI controls for WinUI, Xamarin, and .NET MAUI.

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What are the benefits of DevExpress 122?

DevExpress 122 offers many benefits for .NET developers, such as:

  • Enhanced performance and reliability: DevExpress 122 delivers fast and responsive UI controls that can handle large amounts of data and complex scenarios.

  • Stunning visual appearance: DevExpress 122 provides beautiful and modern UI themes that can be easily customized to match your branding and preferences.

  • Rich functionality and interactivity: DevExpress 122 offers a wide range of UI components that support various features such as data binding, filtering, sorting, grouping, editing, validation, exporting, printing, and more.

  • Easy integration and development: DevExpress 122 works seamlessly with Visual Studio and other IDEs, and provides intuitive design-time tools and wizards that simplify the development process.

  • Excellent support and documentation: DevExpress 122 comes with comprehensive documentation, demos, training videos, and online support that help you get started and solve any issues you may encounter.

How to get started with DevExpress 122?

If you are interested in trying out DevExpress 122, you can download a free 30-day trial from their website[^2^]. You can also use their NuGet feed to install their packages via your preferred CI/CD tools[^2^]. If you have any questions or feedback about DevExpress 122, you can contact their support team via email or their online support center[^1^].

What are some examples of using DevExpress 122?

DevExpress 122 provides many examples and demos that showcase the capabilities and features of their UI controls and components. You can find these examples on their website[^1^], in their documentation[^3^], and on their GitHub repository. Some of the examples include:

  • How to use WinForms and WPF controls with .NET 7 and Windows skins and vector icons.

  • How to create Blazor applications with data grid, charts, scheduler, and other components.

  • How to use Angular, React, Vue, and jQuery components with data visualization, data editing, navigation, and layout features.

  • How to generate reports and dashboards with data analysis, filtering, grouping, sorting, exporting, and printing options.

  • How to use XAF framework to create cross-platform applications with security, authentication, audit trail, and other features.

  • How to use XPO ORM library to access and query various data sources with LINQ and custom criteria.

  • How to use CodeRush code editor to write code faster and smarter with refactorings, code analysis, code templates, and debugging tools.


DevExpress 122 is a powerful suite of UI controls and components for .NET developers. It offers a wide range of solutions for desktop, web, and mobile development, with support for .NET 7 and popular web frameworks. DevExpress 122 also provides excellent performance, appearance, functionality, integration, support, and documentation. If you want to create stunning applications that impress your users and customers, you should definitely give DevExpress 122 a try. 0efd9a6b88


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