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Alfred Winder

Bfad Best Buy

Beyond its proven performance, this silk pillowcase also comes in a wide range of offerings to help you find the best fit. It comes more sizes than other options (including a mini size to fit toddler or travel pillows) and you can choose between buying a single or two-pack for an even better value.

bfad best buy

This one's Amazon's best-selling silk pillowcase, even though it's not actually made with any silk. Instead, the fabric is polyester satin so it's less expensive and less fragile. We recently tested this one and were impressed by its performance. It held up well to washing and was more wrinkle-resistant than real silk in our Lab's evaluations, while our sleep testers unanimously rated it as feeling smooth. Outside of our tests, it also has over 265,000 reviews with an average 4.5-star rating on Amazon. And because it's sold as a set of two, each pillowcase costs less than $5! Just note that synthetic satin doesn't feel as luxurious as real silk, so it didn't score as high in areas like bed-head reduction, skin-crease prevention or cooling capabilities.

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