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Buy Naked Makeup

Every palette would all be wonderful additions to your personal and professional makeup artist kit. Whether you use just the palettes or use the shades to complement other colors in your makeup collection. These palettes will never go out of style and are wonderful basics to have. I have found that you can build on the opacity of the shadows when you apply with a dry brush. You also have the option of going in with a wet brush for bolder colors. Whatever you fancy, there is a Naked palette for you.

buy naked makeup

Current products include lip, eye, complexion and body products.[2] They are most well-known for their Naked collection, which includes twelve different eye shadow palettes. Its target market is women, although it is not limited to this range, and is also designed to appeal to customers who wish to purchase cruelty-free makeup.[3] Its products are sold at large department stores in the United States such as Macy's, Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom, and from the official website,[4][5] as well as in several other countries such as Mexico and Germany.[citation needed]

The collection later expanded to include other eyeshadow palettes like Naked Basics, Naked 2,[20] Naked2 Basics,[21] Naked 3,[22] Naked Smoky,[23] Naked Ultimate Basics,[24] Naked Heat, Naked Heat Petite, Naked Cherry, Naked Reloaded, Naked Honey, Naked Ultraviolet, Naked Cyber and Naked Wild West.[25] A sub-collection of the original Naked collection, Naked Complexion,[26] includes other skin products like foundations, concealers, blushes, highlighters, bronzers and makeup tools to accompany them.

How to use: Use Better Naked Palette for a complete makeup look! Using Cruelty Free Blush Brush F20, dust Afterglow blush onto the apple of each cheek. Follow by grabbing 100% Pure Cruelty Free Angled Contour Brush F30, then gently brush Illume luminescent powder onto cheekbone, bridge of nose, and anywhere else you want to glow. Finish by using Cruelty Free Crease Brush E40, Flat Shader E30, and Smudger Brush E20 to apply stunning eye shadows to lids, brow bone, and waterline as desired.

Bulky packaging is a bane (I'm looking at you, Morphe). Fortunately, the sleek Naked palettes can be stored in tight spaces, such as carry-on luggage, makeup bags, purses, and my former forced-triple college dorm.

A company doesn't earn cult status at random. The Naked eyeshadows represent Urban Decay's steadfast legacy: continued innovation, clever design, and makeup that works. If you want variety, pigmented shades, and slender packaging, you know what to do. The ROI is well worth it.

So, PSA over. If you own a counterfeit makeup product, I highly recommend for your safety you think twice about using it. These horror stories and scary allergic reactions are enough for me to toss this thing in the trash. If you want a higher end makeup palette but are on a budget, try a dupe from an established brand like Makeup Revolution or LA Girl.

Laura writes about everything beauty and fashion related for Cosmopolitan UK and specialises in makeup, plus-size fashion and the world of YouTube. Her favourite pastime is reminding everyone of that one time she met Charlie Hunnam and Jason Momoa. Please don't ask to see the pictures...

I have not tried this brand before, but it looks really nice. I love the step by step. I am not well versed at putting on makeup and this is really helpful to me. You have gorgeous eyes, with or without makeup! 041b061a72


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