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The Stormlight Archive Epub 17

The Stormlight Archive Epub 17 --->>>

The Stormlight Archive Epub 17

Six months later, the Wandersail, now known as the Kailyn, is heading to the Dawnshard to bring it home. The crew joins in secretly reuniting with Lopen in the Dawncliff Canyon, where they board Wandersail and set sail to a rendezvous with the Sleepless. Nikli leads the way, transforming the range of Wandersail with three voyages of the Dawnshard herself, each revealing more of their ancient truth.

Rysn warns Huio that he can be consumed by the Dawnshard. Rysn is shocked and appalled as her master, the Dayshard, shows her every reaction, including unleashing a terrifying thrumming before her eyes. The captains arrive at a series of Worldminds and step onto the final of them to reacclimate into the living spirit of the former Aimian Guldan. This Worldmind reveals a complicated history and stellar system containing the core of burned world, known as the Boot. It is there that the Sleepless and the Dawnshard head, each for their own reasons.

Nikli retrieves the third and final hope from the Boot, the Starstone of Light, a shard that emits a resonance that will convert all souls into perfect beings free of the corruption of Soulcasting. In a meditative journey with the Kailyn, Nikli identifies a Worldmind that looks nothing like the normal Worldminds that one sees on a Thulian world. It is not the Worldmind of the third journey, though is the only Worldmind of the same level as the Kailyn. The Worldmind tells them that it is owned by the Sleepless, the Kailyn lands at the location of the Worldmind, and they are under the command of the Sleepless. The crew surrenders to the Sleepless in hopes of being treated fairly. But the Sleepless cut the Kailyn and reveal that the Dawnshard is not their rightful home. d2c66b5586


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