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Rick Ross Mastermind Album Download Utorrent !NEW!


Rick Ross Mastermind Album Download Utorrent !NEW!

Rick Ross's latest album entitled Mastermind topped the album charts with 179,000 copies sold on the first day of its release. Despite the massive publicity garnered by Pharrell Williams with his song "Happy" and despite its release on the morning after the Oscars where Williams performed, Rick Ross still topped him in the charts. However, Pharrell's single "Happy" still remained on top of Billboard's singles for 4 weeks in a row with over 490,000 downloads and 8 million streams.

Ross's album also comes in a deluxe edition, which includes 3 more songs: Blessing in Disguise, Paradise Lost and FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt. Avid fans of the rapper may download the songs from im1music, albumjams, and dopehood.

Despite the controversial lyrics of Ross' songs along with the scandals he has been involved with in the past, his songs never fail to gain support from listeners. This album is expected to break more records in the future with the surging increase in the number of downloads.

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