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Corazon Salvaje 1993 Greek Subti LINK

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Corazon Salvaje: A Mexican Telenovela with Greek Subtitles

Corazon Salvaje (Wild Heart) is a Mexican telenovela that aired in 1993 and became a huge success in Latin America and other countries. It is based on the novel of the same name by Caridad Bravo Adams, and tells the story of two brothers, Juan and Andres, who fall in love with the same woman, Monica.

The telenovela has been dubbed and subtitled in many languages, including Greek. The Greek version of Corazon Salvaje can be found on YouTube, where a user named Ourania Soultani has uploaded 79 videos with Greek subtitles[^1^]. The videos have more than 21,000 views and many comments from Greek fans who appreciate the romantic drama and the performances of the actors.

Corazon Salvaje is considered one of the best telenovelas ever made, and has won several awards, such as the TVyNovelas Award for Best Telenovela of the Year in 1994. It has also been remade several times, but none of them have matched the popularity and quality of the original version.

If you are looking for a classic telenovela with a captivating plot, memorable characters, and beautiful scenery, you should watch Corazon Salvaje with Greek subtitles. You will not regret it!

The main actors of Corazon Salvaje are Edith Gonzalez, Eduardo Palomo, Ana Colchero, and Ariel Lopez Padilla. Edith Gonzalez plays Monica, a noble and virtuous young woman who is forced to marry Andres, but falls in love with Juan. Eduardo Palomo plays Juan, a rebellious and passionate man who is rejected by his father and society, but finds his true love in Monica. Ana Colchero plays Aimee, Monica's sister who is selfish and spoiled, and who also loves Juan. Ariel Lopez Padilla plays Andres, Francisco's son who is weak and insecure, and who marries Monica out of convenience.

The telenovela also features stellar performances by Cesar Evora, Isaura Espinoza, Yolanda Ventura, Luz Maria Aguilar, Queta Lavat, Queta Carrasco, Julio Monterde and Enrique Lizalde. Cesar Evora plays Marcelo, a doctor who loves Aimee and helps her escape from her abusive husband. Isaura Espinoza plays Amanda, Francisco's sister who is ambitious and manipulative. Yolanda Ventura plays Azucena, a young peasant girl who is Juan's childhood friend and confidante. Luz Maria Aguilar plays Catalina, Monica and Aimee's mother who is kind and supportive. Queta Lavat plays Prudencia, a wealthy widow who is Andres' godmother and friend. Queta Carrasco plays DoÃa Rosario, a wise and compassionate woman who raises Juan after his mother's death. Julio Monterde plays Fray Domingo, a priest who guides Juan and Monica in their spiritual journey. Enrique Lizalde plays Noel, a lawyer who helps Juan claim his inheritance and rights.

Corazon Salvaje has been praised for its script, direction, production values, music, costumes, and scenery. The telenovela was filmed in various locations in Mexico, such as Veracruz, Jalapa, Xico, Coatepec, and Mexico City. The telenovela also features a memorable musical theme by Manuel Mijares, which became a hit song in Latin America. 248dff8e21


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