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Skiley Jam Pack

Like any other "canned" or "jarred" product, the Bacon Jam does NOT require refrigeration until after opening (so, it is safe for transit without cold packs and it can be stored on a shelf until it is opened). Please refrigerate after opening.Bacon Jam Recipes:The Skillet Bacon Jam Burger- 3 ounce brioche bun- 6 ounce ground beef- 1ounce cambozola cheese- 3-4 leaves of arugula- 2 tablespoons skillet bacon jamToast the buns and put a tablespoon of bacon jam on each bun - season the beef with salt and pepper and grill the burger to desired doneness, place the cambozola on the beef when you have flipped the burger for the final time. -place arugula on the bottom bun, the burger on the arugula, -place the top bun on the burger and enjoy!Grilled Cheese with Bacon Jam- 6 slices of good rustic bread- 9 slices of gouda- 6 slices of heirloom tomato - 8 tablespoons of skillet bacon jam - 3 tablespoons of olive oilAssemble the sandwich and grill on medium heat with a little olive oil in a pan till golden brown and melted on the insideClick here for more delicious Bacon Jam recipes!

Skiley Jam pack

In our Rice Noodles with Tofu & Spinach recipe, we use tofu instead of chicken in a satisfying skillet jam-packed with rice noodles & spinach. This one is chock full of fresh lime-basil flavor and filling ingredients.

Who among us hasn't impulse-bought a carton of berries at the grocery store? Whether it was a trance-like state induced by the hum of the fluorescent lights, the promise of warmer weather, or just a crazy-low sale price, we've all been there. We've all bought supermarket strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, or blackberries only to discover that they're nothing like the sweet, market-fresh treats of high July. (If you happen to live in California, please wipe that satisfied grin off your face and FedEx us a package of berries, will you?). You're hoping for earth candy, but what you get instead is a a somewhat hard, kinda sour, slightly astringent, and definitely not juicy taste. Eating them raw might be a little disappointing, so here are five sure-fire ways to make out-of-season or generally "meh" berries taste better.

Canning and preserving this fruit-filled chia jam is super easy. Strawberries, rhubarb, and ginger pack serious flavor with minimal effort. Once prepared, serve immediately, or cover and refrigerate for up to 2 weeks.

Pam Lolley developed and tested recipes for Southern Living Magazine in the Souths most trusted Test Kitchen for 19 years. She worked closely with the editors planning and packaging stories, collaborating with art and photo teams on food styling and recipe reproduction to ensure reader satisfaction, content quality control, and recipe authenticity history and cooking. Her area of expertise was baking and and pastry development and she acted as the point person for these areas in the Test Kitchen. With 30+ years of experience in the culinary field, Pam created and tested 1000s of recipes for Southern Living.

Join our Cheese Club and receive four curated boxes of local Vermont products specially packaged for each season - plus a collection of our favorite Plymouth Cheese flavors. We've partnered with some of our neighbors to bring you a taste of Vermont in its finest form. Each box contains 3 blocks of our historic cheeses as well as seasonal pairings and custom kitchenware to bring joy to your table all year round. 041b061a72


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