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Where Can I Buy Silver Brand Jeans


Where Can I Buy Silver Brand Jeans

When Silver graduated college with a fine arts degree, he felt lost. He could become a starving artist or he could get into the family denim business. And so he started in the production department. After 17 years, he moved to private label, developing product for stores such as Gap and Nordstrom and then finally decided to create a brand for the company. In 1991, he and designer Allan Kemp launched the first collection for Silver Jeans Co. Here we catch up with him on how the business has changed and where he sees it going.

Supermodel Elle Mcpherson is no stranger to working a pair of silver coated jeans into her everyday wardrobe. See below how she plays down the jeans with a grey oversize knit and teams her look with black stilettos. Faux fur jackets (Loving this with star detail) are a great way to take a look from day to night by mixing textures. Athleisure sweats mixed in with a silver skinny give this look a sport & street style.

The following women-led denim brand (opens in new tab) founders and experts will agree; denim, once a modest workman's uniform, is today anything but simple. A cultural symbol, worn in the Wild West and on the silver screen, and a beloved closet staple worn worldwide, denim can be personal and emotional. "Investing in the right pair of jeans can make a woman look and feel incredible," explains Tara Rudes Dann (opens in new tab), Fashion Director and Partner at New York City-based denim brand, L'Agence. "Sometimes all you need is that perfect pair for everything else in your wardrobe to make sense," agrees Brigette Deshais (opens in new tab), AYR's Vice President of Women's Design.

Investing in a great pair of jeans will ensure they last you a lifetime, explains Aimi Sahara (opens in new tab), founder of denim brand Tu Es Mon Tresor. Sonia Mosseri, (opens in new tab) Creative Director and Co-Founder of denim brand Still Here, agrees. Ahead, we've broken down six of the most-covetable denim trends of 2022, all with our denim insiders' seals of approval.

"High-rise, wide-leg denim styles bring together the best of comfort and sophistication," says Aimi Sahara (opens in new tab), founder of denim brand Tu Es Mon Tresor. This type of jeans provides coverage for colder months but offers breathability for the warmer weather. Sahara suggests styling your high-rise, wide-leg jeans with a shorter top or a V-neck tee to juxtapose the elongated hemline. 59ce067264


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