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Royal Deluxe Bad Official Audio

This particular concert took place on July 16, 1988, at Wembley Stadium in Wembley, London, to a sold-out crowd of 72,000, which included Diana, Princess of Wales and Charles, Prince of Wales. Jackson originally removed "Dirty Diana" from this night's performance, worried that he would offend Princess Diana or the royal family. However, the princess informed Jackson it was her favorite song. In an interview, Jackson stated that he was unable to put the song into the set, which led some fans to believe "Dirty Diana" was not performed on July 16. However, leaked audio snippets prove that the song was re-added to the setlist.[2][3]

Royal Deluxe Bad Official Audio

The DVD also includes "The Way You Make Me Feel", from July 15 (the song was not performed on July 16 due to a late start of the show) and "I Just Can't Stop Loving You", and "Bad", performed on September 26, 1987, in Yokohama, Japan. The Bad 25 deluxe package also contains a CD of the audio from the July 16 concert as well, with audio edited down to 80 minutes from the original two hours.

According to the official Bad 25 statement released by the Estate of Michael Jackson, the video is sourced from Jackson's personal VHS copy of the show, the only known copy in existence. The audio, however, has been sourced by a high-quality multitrack recording, snippets of which have leaked online in mid-2011 to positive fan reception; some of this is from the July 15 show. These concerts are the only known multitrack audio recordings of the Bad World Tour.

The live album will be available on 180-gram vinyl, CD, and cassette, with colour variants available from select retailers. A limited edition, super-deluxe box set will ship on November 14, and includes the live recordings on two 45-RPM 180-gram vinyl LPs and CD, a second CD featuring the soundtrack of the documentary, a Blu-ray of the Royal Albert Hall film, plus the digital album in hi-res and Dolby ATMOS immersive audio. 041b061a72


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